10 Super Reasons for Getting A Corporate On-site Yoga Class Started Today!

The Mind and Body Medical Institute found that in survey after survey, Americans identify stress as their number one health concern today.  More than 50% of adults in the US report high stress on a daily basis and more importantly, untreated, stress can seriously affect performance, health, and well-being.  Also the Journal of Retired Persons found that according to Dr. Thomas Perls, MD with Boston University, Centurion Project, “it isn’t the amount of stress that matters but how you manage it”.

St. Louis Corporate Yoga keeps its clients healthy with up to date research findings, yoga sequences to practice at home, healthy nutritional ideas, and other preventative lifestyle tips too! Studies and research prove now that a regular yoga practice, or at least practicing 30 minutes 2-3 times per week, has shown itself to be an effective antidote to the stress of modern-day challenges in business and in life.

Here are 10 Super great reasons to get a corporate yoga on-site program started today!

1)   Improved sleep

2)   Energy level increase throughout the whole day

3)   Blood pressure decrease

4)   Endocrine function normalizes

5)   Fewer sick days

6)   Less back pain

7)   Better problem solving skills

8)   Quicker response time

9)   Happiness

10)  Stronger Team Bonds

There is never a better time to invest in a new yoga corporate program and motivate yourself, to greater health, peace, and happiness.  Let’s begin to move some sacred energy, and bring ourself to our full potential and creative possibility now.  With corporate jobs’ increased resilience upon technology, employees suffer a huge amount of physiological stress from sitting all day at the computer.  Yoga is an excellent form of cross-training for all students, improving energy and group morale.

Would you like to start a corporate yoga program at your workplace? Please contact, Michelle Maue, at 314-630-1677 or through the Contact page!

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