A Yogini’s Book by Michelle Maue

Tantra Living: A Yogini’s Companion for Happiness

Paperback, 186 Pages
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Tantra Living: A Yogini's Companion for Happiness

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Book Summary
Through yoga, I have gained an incredible method for self-discovery and self-understanding. Yoga has helped me to release all the “issues in my tissues” and find my soul’s true calling. As a yoga instructor, I feel it is my obligation to share this knowledge with you. This small book is meant to be a companion for yoga students, or an introductory volume for anyone interested in beginning yoga or just living life more fully—tantrically! Think of this book as your portable yoga teacher, guiding you through your practice. It probes into the spirituality often associated with yoga practice and provides an in-depth basis for a truly enriching practice. Thank you for letting me share my journey with you, and I wish you all the best in your pursuit of yoga. May you live each day to the fullest and be blessed by the spirit of the universe!