All You Wanted to Know About Corporate Yoga

10739471_sCorporate yoga classes are proven to add to your business’s revenue and profits.

Offering yoga classes at the workplace has many advantages. You are welcome to browse through our site for research results and different articles on how yoga can support reaching your objectives, let it be a decrease in employee absence due to illness or a better work atmosphere.

In order to make it easier to find the information you are looking for, we put together a list of major topics with all the relevant articles gathered in one place.

Feedback from our corporate yoga students:

On our “Praise” page you will find more than 10 different video testimonials from our happy yoga students from different organizations we work with.

Plus check out the following 2 articles with more feedback:

Corporate yoga program design:

It is our passion to help all companies interested in starting an on-site program to find the perfect arrangement!  We believe that no two organizations are the same so their needs and possibilities vary wildly, too.

We make sure to create the most fitting program for your particular situation. The following articles give insight how we accomplish this goal:

10 reasons to get started today:

Your company’s unique needs:

One-on-one yoga instruction for executives:

Benefits of yoga in any organizations:

There is much to be said about the benefits your company and employees will reap as a result of yoga wellness initiatives. We gathered 5 of our most important articles on this subject here:

Yin yoga for corporate:

Stronger bonds among employees:

Yoga benefits St. Louis companies:

Finding balance:

High energy, positive results:

Specific health conditions and yoga:

Many symptoms and even full blown health conditions could be partly remedied with including yoga in your life. We selected 5 articles that will give you interesting insights and practical suggestions!

Eye strain, tired eyes:


Sitting as a silent killer:

Better sleep:

More energy:

Important: We advise to consult your doctor before beginning yoga if you suffer from health issues! Please let your yoga teacher know about any health conditions you have so she/he can help you enjoy yoga without any risks.

We understand that you will have very concrete questions about how to integrate corporate yoga offerings into the employee benefits structure of your organization. We would like to invite you to a complimentary consultation so that you have the best chance to have all your questions answered. It is easy to set up a consult with us! Simply call us at 314-630-1677 or email to info at to schedule your session. 

We are happy to meet you at your offices, of course to save you precious time.

Please ask about our latest corporate yoga case study! The results speak for themselves and we cannot wait to share them with you.



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