Being In The Present

sunset-473603_640Being in the present – this is one of the best things you can practice to increase your well-being in life! How many times do you spend time reminiscing about the good old days? Or spending time just daydreaming about your golden future? Nothing wrong with daydreaming by the way… if you take action on reaching those goals!

Many people are so used to thinking in the past or future that they have a hard time staying focused on the here and now.

It is the present where magic lies! To motivate you to practice being in the now, we gathered a few amazing reasons why staying with the present moment can benefit your life:

Enjoy Food More

How many times do you eat while watching a show or typing on your laptop? It just seems that you save time but you have to pay a high price for saving a moment or two! You will likely barely notice what you are eating. Chances are, you won’t even remember what you ate a few minutes before. Not only that, you won’t fully process feelings of being full and satisfied and this can lead to overeating.

Stay present while eating and your experience will completely change. Think about how the food tastes in your mouth. Focus on how it smells, its texture and taste. Is it crunchy, soft, sour, sweet, or bitter? You will be eating slower and will have a vivid memory of this meal. You give your brain a chance to register when you are full. When you eat mindfully, you will enjoy your food more and eat less of it.

Control Bad Habits

You need to start a new project but you catch your brain wondering constantly instead of concentrating? Do you feel resistance creeping into your workdays? Feeling those bad procrastinating habits getting the better of you at the office? Observe your behavior mentally and make note of it. Ask yourself, what is going on and why are you having difficulty focusing. Just the act of putting your attention directly on the problem will help you work out better ways of dealing with it.

Have A Deeper Understanding

Focus in on what is happening here and now and you will gain a deeper understanding of what is really going on in any situation! You will miss less verbal and non-verbal cues in every situation. Just imagine how useful this will be in any office communications. For example, if you are meeting new co-workers for the first time, try to be as present as possible. Absorb everything they are saying, listen to their voice, notice what they say and do. You will observe and gather valuable information that lets you in on who they really are and how to best work with them towards success.

Have The Power To Change

You really only have control over what is happening in this moment. Try as you might you cannot change the past and you can’t dream the future into existence without taking action. Instead use the present moment to its fullest and you will realize your goals step-by-step. You can make changes going forward and that can only happen now, in the present. Make the most of the present and you will take control of your destiny!