St. Louis Corporate Yoga Shares with Students the Benefits of First Chakra Clearing

red-112329_640In our corporate yoga onsite wellness programs, Clayton Yoga instructors share with their students beneficial ways to feel empowered, creative, less stressed.

In noticing our breath, we create a neutral, calm, peaceful center and transform tension, negativity into vitality and joy.

The specific Chakra meditation helps us to clear out our fears or blocks by connecting first with our powerful energy process centers called chakras.

The first energy center is our foundation.  It is interested in physical well-being and self-preservation.  As well, our first chakra determines for us our perception of whether or not physical needs are being met.

You may enjoy reading this script with a recording first, then laying comfortably on your back, playing back the audio and listening.  Many of us have powerful lines of energy in our body.  All we need to practice is learning to listen and receive them.  Sitting comfortably or lying down with eyes closed, begin to become aware of the breath.  Feel the breath as it enters with a cool feeling and then warming the breath as it gently travels down into the lungs.

Now we will begin.  Bring your awareness back to the meditation and when you become distracted, know that this is natural.  Always with gentleness, you will return to this present moment and be able to once again access powerful energy.

We start by closing our eyes and bringing our awareness to the tailbone located at the base of the spine.  Bath your Root with red: empowering, embodying, and grounding you in the ‘here and now’.  Let your Root take what it needs.

When we relax and practice yoga, we give our self space to dance with life’s changes and enjoy the fluidity of life’s mysteries.  One of the benefits of this practice is to feel more at home in the busy waters of our everyday life.

Allow your eyes to comfortably close, and come down into your breath, into your body, relaxing your belly, softening your mind.    And say the words: “I am here”.  I have a right to be here, as I am”.  “The Earth supports me”.

Fill the lungs with a deep inhale, bringing in energy, vitality and prana, the life force.  As you exhale, feel the body releasing toxins, stress and any negativity that has accumulated.  This root chakra allows the life force to circulate between two poles, on in the physical world of the body and the other in the realm of pure consciousness.

Feel yourself as an energy being.  Feel the healing energy and light at the base of the spine, moving all the way up the spine.  Fill the whole body with divine healing light and energy.  Allow that energy to fill the whole body with divine healing light.  Allow that healing to completely fill any empty areas or feelings of loss and hold the thoughts of those intentions as you allow the healing energy to bring your deepest desires to life and intentions into reality.    Hold yourself in your own center.  Stay with this deep, relaxing, peaceful feeling of bliss.    Now send this same peace to those you love and to the world.  May we live at home in these murky waters…Namaste!

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