Breathing With Awareness

business-437020_1280There are many special breathing exercises we share with our corporate yoga students during on-site classes. There is really an appropriate breathing style for nearly all ailment of body and soul.

A healing journey teaches that yoga is life and all life is interconnected. When we practice stretching, we access and expand 72,000 energy openings called Nadis. Watching our breath, we step to the edge, and ignite our spirit!

Yoga is not about having the most flexible or strongest body. Real yoga is developing the ability to maintain an equanimous mind no matter what is happening. When we push ourselves to the edge, breathe and remain gentle and calm, we begin to rewire our mind. The parasympathetic calms, soothes and repairs our system. As well, we also experience all of the following benefits as well.

Breathing with Awareness

■lowers high blood pressure
■slow digestion
■increase blood flow to the skin and surface of the body
■provides constant stimulation
■slows down an irregular heartbeat
■helps the mind rewire and change a fear of constant threat to
■work with the root causes of disease in the body

Watching our breath or meditation, helps us shift from the unconscious to the conscious. This “witness of breath” helps raise the parasympathetic nervous system where we may quiet and raise the balance energy of our nervous system.

As soon as we feel sensation, the Buddha taught, we have been conditioned to compete, react and judge, thereby limiting our true experience. We will show you how the issues of your life are trapped inside the tissues of your body.

Tension in the body is just trapped energy. Yoga does not seek to manipulate the mind. Rather, we work with opening up the web of life found in your body. And when you learn to move your bodies in a sacred way we wake up the life force and feel good. With constant practice and application of the tools we share with you, you will learn how to transform the reactive places in your mind/body experience, expand on new possibilities, find greater levels of inner peace and have fun.

When you live from your truth, from your joy, and from feeling good every day, you become abundant. Practicing like this on a regular basis will bring about greater transformation, magic and rapture! Yoga develops longer response time, and increase our ability to make better choices. This results in activating parts of your limbic system, and brain to make better choices based on motivational living. The more we practice this kind of yoga, the more we expand our circles to inspire and motivate others by our own example.

Our yoga classes are all level style and a great fit for both brand new beginners to yoga as well as those who are more advanced. Our corporate yoga clients report a much greater overall level of joy, life satisfaction, vitality, and improved energy.

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