Busy? Busyness?

honey-292132_640Do you feel busy all the time? But are you really busy? Or is it just busyness that fills your life?

How often do you tell your kids or co-workers: “I just don’t have time for going out, looking at your homework, reading a new book or just listening to you!”

How many times will you give a list of your to-dos if somebody asks for your help? Like this: “I would be really happy to help you out on the weekend but I have to finish my project by Sunday, I have an invitation to the new art gallery and need to cook for the week. Plus must take the kids to soccer practice and visit my mother-in-law.”

There is no doubt that we all have more than enough on our plates.  More than it is doable, more than it is achievable in a day.

Every minute of the day and night is filled with activities. Multitasking is the new skill you can be proud of. Cooking while helping your offspring with a project plus talking on the phone with your mum. Or driving to a meeting while you give instructions to your assistant and getting the news on the traffic – all at the same time.

What if you weren’t busy? What if you had free time? Would you really want not being busy all the time?

Could you admit having 5 hours of time to fill on a weekend? How would that feel? And how would your friends look at you? A person having free time??? She must have an insignificant life. All important and accomplished individuals, they just do not have time. We all know that, this is our new reality: you must be busy to be somebody. If you are not plagued by tons of to-dos, you don’t seem to be somebody worth knowing.

Let’s admit it, having lots of things going on gives you status. Busyness became a virtue of current times. Empty hours -earlier known as free time- might just freak you out. Who are you if you are not always in motion taking care of stuff, organizing, being at the forefront of knowing what is going on? Did you become obsolete? Is having free time so 20th century?

Now for just a moment think about this important question: who are you if you are not your to-do list?

The next question to think about is free time. What is free time for you? Do you consider yourself busy when you play Candy Crush? When you talk to your friend on the phone? When you sink into FB’s rabbit hole for hours?

Now, just admit the truth (don’t worry, nobody will hear it), you might actually have a few minutes of free time every day. How will you spend yours? Taking a yoga class is a wonderful activity. Your coworkers and friends might even ask you: “How do you do it that you even have time for yoga?” Just smile…..