Clayton Yoga Classes Building Community at the Workplace

waterlily-21127_640Anne Hollin, Executive Assistant, speaks to us about her fantastic experience as a corporate onsite yoga student with Clayton Yoga.  Ms. Hollin has been working with the Family Court for over fourteen years.  While she has never been a big, huge fan of exercise, Anne is extremely motivated, energized and excited to talk today about the benefits she has been experiencing.  More than two years ago, Anne began attending yoga onsite classes.  And the more that she came to class, the more she realized how difficult these yoga postures were and relaxed she felt afterwards.

Anne says that she had done yoga before.  Though, when she started attending Clayton Yoga’s corporate class, she was not a real fan of yoga initially, she began to notice and enjoy both the exercise and empowering the yoga Family Court community.  Anne has developed greater flexibility.  Yoga helped Anne after her Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Doctors were very pleased with her overall prognosis and within 3 yoga classes, she was back to her regular plank routine.  Having greater practice with breathing, has really taught Anne how to pay attention and back off meeting unique moment to moment varying needs as they arise.  She finds that having a calmer, more peaceful mind has directly resulted in healthier decisions to eat better and take care of her body.

She finds that yoga helps her to become more accountable to her coworkers.  Each week, they check in with each other and ask if they are going to yoga today?  And if “I don’t go” Anna says, “then that’s my thing!”.  Now after attending more than two years of onsite regular yoga classes, Anne finds a thriving connection and wellness culture taking place.  Many work colleagues who have never tried yoga before are a bit intimidated to start.  People would come by and check it out.  Many of them may believe for example, that sitting cross legged and chanting Om is practicing yoga.

They don’t realize yet, that yoga is a great workout.  Anne would like nothing better than to help get more people exposed to that. She remembers one colleague who came in and tried out one yoga class.  Even after one yoga class, found what a difference that made.  She noticed how this one yoga class made him more calm throughout that particular workday.

Above all, Anne really enjoys the group of committed yoga students who have made weekly yoga practice a necessary staple in their overall enjoyment for life.  Anne looks forward to even taking her cat naps toward the end of class as she finds the teacher’s loving and soothing voice coupled with very meditative music nice.   She is interested in the possibility of yoga class now twice per week.  And would like to encourage any student from any background or ability to try this wonderful corporate onsite yoga class.

If you are interested in starting a corporate yoga onsite class with Clayton Yoga, we would be happy to provide you with a free phone consultation, 314-630-1677!  Let us help you to set up an onsite corporate yoga class soon! Namaste.