Common Mistakes When Starting Your Meditation Practice

meditation-769169_640Learning to meditate will add tremendous benefits to your life. Learning how to control your mind can is a difficult task and you need to have the discipline and patience to build up your practice over time.

Many people give up meditation after a few days. Please avoid committing some of the common mistakes while practicing meditation.

Here are the 5 common meditation mistakes:

1) Expecting too much too fast

Here is the truth: you cannot expect dramatic results from meditation just after a few days of practice. It is a well-known fact that meditation offers great benefits for your mind and body and you should adopt a systematic method of approach to make all these aspects a reality.

Do not get overly excited about meditation just to give up after a week. Also, don’t expect miracles after a few days – a regular practice is absolutely essential. Getting frustrated or impatient is quite natural for all beginners. The best solution is to keep on practicing in a daily manner.

2) The proper environment is crucial

An improper environment will cut your meditation session short and distractions will make you feel frustrated. Please select a suitable environment to practice meditation and the place that you select needs to be free from all types of distractions as well.

If you are practicing at home ask your family members to respect your wish for a few minutes of quiet “me-time”. It is advisable to select a soft, supportive and serene place that is ideal for various activities like sitting or lying down. Your clothing also deserves great attention – wear only comfortable clothing. All these aspects will make your meditation truly enjoyable.

3) Switching among various meditation techniques

Choose one meditation technique to start with and stick with that method without getting worried about other methods. Some people try out a method for a few days and they will switch over to another method immediately after that. This will not deliver the desired results.

In case that particular method does not deliver results after you have made determined efforts, there is nothing wrong in selecting a more suitable method. The bottom line is that you should not get too experimental.

4) No consistent practice

If you practice irregularly, achieving the desired results will become a distant reality. In order to get maximum benefits out of meditation, you should meditate in a daily manner and practicing meditation should be made an integral part of your daily routine.

Those people, who are really serious towards meditation, will always consider it as a mental hygiene practice. Quitters will never win and winners will never quit. You should not quit practicing after a few days and it can be said without an iota of doubt that regular practice is absolutely essential to reap the real rewards associated with meditation.

5) Selecting an unsuitable meditation technique

Developing a consistent meditation practice can be extremely difficult if you select an unsuitable technique that will take a long time to learn and master. Please choose the most suitable method for YOU – one that will keep you relaxed and comfortable.

Avoid these five common mistakes to make your meditation session enjoyable and rewarding!


2 thoughts on “Common Mistakes When Starting Your Meditation Practice”

  1. So glad that you mention the importance of not expecting too much initially. Immersing in a regular practice is what really helps and gives the most benefits I have found from my experience in both teaching and sharing meditation with others.

  2. Learning and participating in meditation sessions with Michelle has been greatly beneficial in so many ways. I feel stronger, I sleep better and am able to take on more responsibility throughout the day and still feel at ease. It truly enhances your physical and spiritual being.

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