Yoga Training Preparation

Yoga Teacher Training Course Preparation


We believe early preparation is one of the great keys to success in this field of study. The more you prepare for the course, the greater the likelihood that you will both enjoy the process as well be very pleased with your results.  Before the start of each yoga teacher training course, we offer many practice exercises to get you into top shape and highly motivated to ask lots of questions throughout training. Please read our ten key action steps below!

Click here for detail purchase instruction for your key yoga teacher training material!

Yin Yoga: Principles and Practice – by Paul Grilley
Anatomy of Yoga by Paul Grilley (DVD)
Ashtanga Yoga by David Swenson (Book)
Yoga Nidra with Richard Miller
Bhagavad Gita

Before the start of each yoga teacher training course, it is suggested that every student completes the following pre-course work:

1- Go to our Private Membership Yoga site, Having a private portal allows you to go at your own pace as you absorb up to date, relevant and key yoga articles, photos and anatomy. Please note, this portal is available only to registered St. Louis Yoga Teacher Training students! And this site is available for 4 months after the course concludes.

2- Purchase and review requested materials by instructor. All links available on this exact webpage above!

3- Secure for yourself a 3 ring notebook with 8- separate subject folders: Breathing, Restorative, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Modifications + Adjustments, Anatomy and Advanced Postures. Many interesting handouts will be given the day your sign up. You will want to keep your 8 subjects categorized neatly and ready to add more information as the course expands.

4- Write 500 word Passionate Why Essay. This exercise helps to developing your own unique voice. Instructions will be provided in an email when you sign up!

5- Learn about the Yin Yoga Postures offered in the handout and read about the benefits of Yin Yoga Postures in the teacher training manual.

6- Complete the discovery and goal setting handout sheet found inside the private membership site! Here you will get an awesome opportunity to transform your hopes, dreams, wishes into do able practical everyday steps.

7- Understand that the first 10 minutes of each and every yoga class is essential. Learn 4 of the breathing meditations located in the 200 page Yoga Teacher Training Manual (found in the Private Training Membership Site).

8- Comment on a total of 4 of your favorite blogposts on

9- Listen to the Yoga Nidra Practice CD by Richard Miller and practice 3 times.

10- Know Your Sanskrit and Sequence for the Sun A and Sun B. Be ready to teach day one! Instructions will be provided upon acceptance to our course!

Bring a winning attitude and big smile to class!

Yoga in particular will shape itself to support and inspire you, adding new depths, and wisdom to your experience. When you apply and practice the steps required in advance, you bring more to offer in terms of lively discussion and communal group support.