Different Schools Of Meditation

water-783986_640Throughout the hundreds if not thousand years that meditation is practiced many different meditation styles were created. The fundamental principle of reflection and quiet thought to achieve a state of rumination remains the same even though different schools of meditation make use of different techniques.

Let’s look at the major meditation styles: Taoist meditation, Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation, Vipassana meditation, Transcendental meditation and Mindfulness meditation.

Taoist meditation

Taoist meditation bears great resemblance to Buddhist system and this school of thought can be described as extremely practical in comparison with contemplative traditions that originated in India.

The underlying theory of this meditation is generation, transformation and circulation of inner energy. When a person becomes successful in achieving this stream of energy known as ‘deh-chee’, it can be utilized to promote longevity and better health according to the discretion of the person involved.

Beginners will be taught breath and navel meditation during the initial stages and it can be described as one of the oldest methods. Natural flow of breath in the nostrils and, expansion and contraction of the abdomen can always be associated with this method and your focused attention and one-pointed awareness will get improved significantly as well.

Zen Meditation

Zen meditation will advocate the importance of sitting in various positions and you will come to learn how to close your mind to thought and images as well.

Your heart rate will become slower and the intensity of your breathing will come down as well. As a resultant factor, you will get into a meditative state and your thought will become isolated.

You will be aware of the present moment only and thoughts about the past and future will not haunt you. In a nutshell, Zen meditation will guard you from the constant chatter of the subconscious mind.

Buddhist meditation

This type of meditation will provide you complete control over your mind and a natural balance between your mind, body and soul will become a reality. Buddhist meditation will make you completely aware of your physical body and every movement your body makes.

Buddhist meditation is an extremely disciplined practice and you should practice it in a daily manner to bring maximum benefit to your mind, soul and body. Fear will not find a place in your mind and you can always expect better concentration and focus with this method as well.

Vipassana meditation

Though Buddha was the chief architect of Vipassana meditation, this meditation is not confined to individuals with a Buddhist background. This method will teach you the best way of healing the body and mind and it is being achieved by removing toxins and other forms of impurities through the process of cleansing. You need to seek professional assistance to achieve the utmost level of purification and rumination through this method.

Transcendental meditation

This practice can be described as a simple and easy method to learn and practice. At the same time, transcendental meditation will bring tremendous practical benefits to all areas of life. You will come to know how to rest your mind and body and also alleviate tiredness and stress in a natural manner.

With the help of transcendental meditation, you can reach a state of rumination in an uncomplicated manner. You do not have to allocate specific time and place for practicing this meditation and it can be practiced in your home, bus or in any place according to your own preference. This meditation is a great choice for nearly everybody.

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness will teach you how to remain alert and mindful towards whatever you do and you will always have better awareness about your surroundings and diverse situations. As a result, you will enjoy a relaxed body and nervous system.

This method became very popular in recent years as it can be applied to every aspect of life including eating and exercising. It will train your mind to be aware of your surroundings in the best possible way.

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  1. I love to play with all these styles and to also incorporate them into movement and dynamic styles such as dance and yoga. I love doing breathing, Pranayama meditation also.

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