Energy Dynamics In The Workplace

waterfall-335985_640From the moment we are born, gravity is working to compress, compact and tighten our cells and tissues. Overwhelming sensations can get trapped in the body, emitting a vibrational pull that will attract more of the same experience until we learn. If we don’t understand that this is just energy dynamics at work, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Yoga postures encourage us to stay with the sensations of discomfort. In a consumerist culture, we are lulled into thinking that distractions and quick fixes are the best solution. After some time, distraction and excessive consuming not only did work but also possibly heighten the challenges. Rather than taking more responsibility for our job, we are fired, we get seriously sick or a relationship breaks up.

When we breathe deeply, we understand that we are in relationship to everything else. Yoga practice helps us stay grounded and become more present. The understanding of how or when energy dynamics start and stop present themselves in the form of bodily sensations. Do you feel supported, grounded or nervous and anxious? When you feel animated, you are strong. When you are scattered, you lose momentum.

It is those moments that we have an opportunity to step back, not react and like the witness or scientist, stay calm. The more awake, the more aware, the more we can practice, engage soul and develop clarity.

Years ago, I used to be very uptight around budgeting. Finances, was just something I was never good with, after all look at how little my parents showed me, I told myself. My tipping point came when my daughter was about 3 ½ and I remember just never wanting her to see her mother worry about money or security like that again. I began taking action steps and reading all about finances. It took me several years, and it was a very slow, gradual steady amount.

When we feel empowered to take care of our self, to take greater self-responsibility, we will not be afraid of our shadow. We can then become more responsible for the management of our own energy, zoom out and not take our fears so personally or literally, we begin to really grow up.

Every time you make a stand for yourself, you will strengthen your vessel and you will allow an external or internal set of dynamics to control, manipulate or dictate your fears. Exceptional people will feel challenges and disappointments as a blessing which then inspires others to become victorious.

Yoga is a journey to go past the commercials, past our rational mind and listen from inside.

Rather than look outside for power, we want to teach ourselves how to breathe correctly, and reconnect to our life source. As we realign to spirit, we will be challenged and purified at the deepest level. The still and small place inside will gather courage and compassion, resolve the traumas in the tissues and know that wherever we are, it is with the highest peace.

We truly hope you have enjoyed reading this article on practicing energy dynamics. To pick up a yoga class in your workplace, give us a call at 314-630-1677.

2 thoughts on “Energy Dynamics In The Workplace”

  1. To slow down and breathe seems to be a foriegn concept in our fast paced world. Yoga has taught me the importance of stopping and feeling the moment to it’s full extent. Each slowed and deepened breath reminds me of the power within to achieve all that is important to me…one breath at a time.

  2. In our culture we are taught to think that distractions and quick fixes are the best solution, BUT its not true.
    I used to take naps every time something got hard or i was stressed.
    Yoga has showed me a better way that gives me more energy than a nap ever could.

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