Get Unplugged For More Serenity

balance-15712_640When was to last time you totally unplugged from the modern distractions of life? Switching off phones, e-mail and social media notifications? Or even going offline for more than a few minutes?

Getting unplugged has so many benefits like getting back your serenity and perspective on life. Especially if you have a stressful job or a demanding phase of your life… be brave and give our suggestions a try!

Just for 10 minutes?

What if you actually switched off your cellphone right now? Closed your email? Cut off social media? For just 10 minutes – not more. Just to get a breather. Just to be able to look out the window and feast your eyes on the blue of the sky?

How do you feel? Your anxiety skyrocketing?  Don’t worry it is a totally normal reaction. Not being attached to the distractions will trigger your fears big time. Let them be. Acknowledge the fear of missing something important or fun. It is OK. And it will pass.

If you only feel irritation and fear creeping up with no serenity in sight, know that it will pass, too. Maybe not when you do this little experiment for the first time, maybe not even for the second time. If you keep taking 10 minutes unplugged and give yourself this gift every day for a few weeks, you will end up craving your 10 minutes of freedom. And this is great craving to have, don’t you think?

An hour?

How about taking one whole hour in the evening with no digital distractions? No phone, no TV, no radio, no FB or Pinterest! Just you and your thoughts. You and your body. One hour just to BE. When was the last time you experienced just being? Without anything planned for 60 minutes? I know, it might get scary… this “nothing planned” time on your hands. The freedom to enjoy this time as you wish.

Your immediate reaction might be to look for something to do. Like clean the house, clean up your desk, read a magazine, chat with your partner. Go ahead and do these things. Or decide to get radical and just watch the moon and the stars. Then go to bed and enjoy a good night’s sleep. How rejuvenated would you feel the next morning?

For the brave: Unplug for a whole weekend!

Now imagine going offline for Saturday AND Sunday! No media, either – for 2 whole days! Panicking already?

How will you fill 48 hours without your favorite distractions? A few ideas:

  • cook a meal from scratch
  • go to an Art Fair
  • invite your friends to a picnic
  • work on a creative project you always wanted to do: paint, take a dance workshop or write
  • practice yoga both days – take your time on the mat
  • meditate twice a day
  • create a vision board.

Will you miss something exciting by not being online and on social media for the weekend? The world will go on, news will come and go without you knowing about them. Be assured if it was meaningful, important or serious news, it will be waiting for you on Monday. You will not miss much – but gain an aspiring, rejuvenating weekend as the best start for a productive week ahead!