Give Your Company the Gift of Yoga this Christmas!

In survey after survey, Americans identify stress as their number one health concern today.  Untreated, stress can seriously affect performance, health, and well-being.  With more than 50% of Americans identifying high stress on a daily basis, it’s time to implement a strategy for corporate on-site wellness classes today.

Our YouTube video demonstrates a typical all levels yoga class.  Students from all different walks of life enjoy the teamwork, peace of mind, and fitness that a great yoga class brings both to the body and mind.  The idea in yoga is not to compete with oneself, but to move the body compassionately through a series of challenging postures developing a strong, more flexible state of mind.

Yoga benefits a healthier and stronger back, less anxiety and tension, as well as introducing higher levels of serotonin or feel good chemicals in the body.   The true benefit of yoga is learning to be more accepting and compassionate with one’s weaker areas.  Yoga helps every muscle in the body to relax. 

Yoga also helps te mind become stable and focused which helps give people a break from the stress and strain going on in their daily lives.  Twists and stretched postures improve the functioning of endocrine glands, digestive organs and heart.  Yoga when practiced on a daily basis reduces high levels of blood pressure as well.

Please watch our YouTube Video of a corporate yoga class!

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what another student has to say about St. Louis Corporate Yoga:

“Yoga helped me to detach from the problems, lower my stress and anxiety, push distractions away and increase my flexibility. I also love the music and quiet soothing instruction. I find that many of the movements alleviate my back pain and I can even do it in my office. I highly recommend Clayton Yoga at Work to anyone,” Tom Hinton, Chief Investigator for the U.S. Federal Government.

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