Happy At Work Through Finding New Perspectives

colonnade-54344_640Do you feel happy at your workplace? Can you even imagine being happy at work?

Even if you feel stressed during the workday, sure you can find parts of your job that you love. On maybe your coworkers make a great team and support you during those stressful intervals.

As with many things in life, feeling happy and optimistic about your work is a decision. You can decide every morning to enjoy the 8 hours you spend at work. Of course you can also set yourself up to feel really miserable the whole long day if you view your job as a necessary evil.

Having the chance to take an hour out of your work schedule and enjoy a yoga class can make all the difference. That 60 minutes are yours to enjoy. Your employer organized the yoga classes to give you a chance to manage your stress levels and just take a break from your tasks.

Practicing the different yoga poses changes your perspective. As your body flows through the motions, your mind can wander and look for new perspectives for old problems. This flow helps you notice things that would never make a blip on your mind otherwise. Breaking up thought patterns that keep you from seeing through new eyes.

How can you facilitate the perspective change?

Try this: At the beginning of your class, pick a question that is occupying your mind. An example: you have a very difficult relationship with one of your coworkers. You try to avoid working closely with the person. But this time you are in the same small group project so you cannot avoid cooperating with your colleague.

Here is the question you can ask: “How can we work together successfully throughout this project?”

It is important that you inquire about the “how” not the “why”. If you ask the question: “Why can’t we cooperate?” – you will not concentrate on finding a solution. The “how to make this work” type of question will send your mind looking for possible solutions to reach your ultimate goal of successfully cooperating with this person.

When you asked your “how” question, just let it go and don’t even consider pondering it during your yoga class. Just let it go!

When will you get answers to your question? You might get a new perspective during the class already or sometimes afterward. It is impossible to say when exactly you get the idea to help you create a better working relationship. But trust us on this, this will work! Just keep on open mind and listen to your hunches and intuition.

We hope this quick tip helps you create new perspectives around your work.

Your organizations doesn’t offer corporate yoga programs yet? Let change this soon. Why don’t you call Michelle at 314-630-1677 to learn about the customized wellness programs we offer in and around St. Louis? We will be happy to advise you!