Health Is Your Wealth

apple-256265_640How many times do you hear about health being your most important asset? In all honestly: Are you really taking care of your health?

Being ill costs a lot of money. If you ever had to deal with a chronic condition, you know exactly that financing the cost of healing can be a huge burden on any budget. An accident can throw your finances out of balance in seconds.  Not to mention that some illnesses have a direct impact on your employment future. Getting ill is not a good “business move”.

How can you keep your body, mind and soul vibrant and strong? Let’s begin with nutrition!

It is true – you are what you eat. Now looking at what you ate today what are you building? A strong healthy body? Or a second-hand, run-down organism?

Eating healthy can be a challenge especially if you expect your eating habits to change from one day to another.

On the other hand, all those small healthier choices add up. What small changes could you integrate into your workdays to experience more vitality and health?

Eat less processed food! Eliminating all processed food from your diet might be not realistic for you. But you can start with small steps!

Try to eat clean! Avoid artificial ingredients in food. The best is to eat closest to its natural form. Snacking on raw veggies is easy to add to your day.

Drink more water! Most of us don’t drink enough water. Start measuring how much you drink per day. Are you drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water per day? If not, the easiest solution is to train yourself to carry a water bottle with you and drink every hour even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Drink less soda! Yes, diet soda counts, too! Cut back on your consumption of those beverages and you serve your body well. You consume less empty calories and sugar. High sugar consumption leads to many health issues – but of course you know this already.

Did you know that March is National Nutritional Month? We put together a few suggestions for easy and light meals for your corporate yoga class days. These delicious meals can be prepared at home. Just take them with you to work.

Veggie Sticks with different dips: Carrots, celery, cucumbers are great for dipping – add your favorite veggies to the mix. The different dips will turn the boring veggie pieces into a tasty meal. Prepare a quick avocado dip at home or take some organic hummus. Here is my avocado dip recipe: Clean the avocado, remove the seed then mash it up with a fork. Add a healthy portion of lemon juice, sprinkle with Himalayan or sea salt plus some pepper and you are ready to go.

Fruit Yoghurt: mix organic Greek yoghurt with your favorite fresh fruit mix. Frozen fruit will do too! Cut up the fruit at home then mix the Greek yoghurt with the pieces at the office. You don’t need any added sugar to make this a yummy treat.

Apple-carrot salad: Clean an apple plus a carrot, grate them, mix them. Add some lemon juice so the salad doesn’t turn brown and enjoy. You can add some honey if you would like. If you decide to do that, take Manuka Honey which has great health benefits.

Try these easy meal options on days when you have a corporate yoga class. Enjoy!