Increasing Productivity At Work

blogging-336375_640One of the many reasons companies decide to invest in on-site wellness services is to help their employees reach higher productivity levels. Higher productivity leads to more value creation – a very important factor in growth for any organization.

Here are the most important productivity killers in the office:
-constant interruptions
-lack of priorities
-low level of motivation.

Creating a company culture that values focus and concentration during the workday is essential. Putting up some boundaries around availability can be a challenge in a culture that still values constant availability during the workday and even outside of the usual work hours.

A never ending to do list without clear priorities is sad reality in most companies. It is easy to start a project, and another one, and still a new one…. What every organization needs is setting crystal clear priorities at all organization levels.

Listening to popular radio and TV shows gives us an impression that many employees are rapidly losing their motivation. This is such a sad development! We all need to believe in what we are doing or we turn into robots.

Is it possible to increase motivation at the workplace? The answer is a clear YES! Sharing the organization’s passionate WHY is crucial. Why is the company in business, what is the ultimate goal it has? Making money is a result of the company’s operations – not the ultimate why. Research shows that when employees know and identify with the passionate why of their employer, they give their best effort to make the company successful. Simon Sinek TED presentation gives an excellent explanation how this works in practice:

Does your organization offer corporate wellness programs? Not yet? At St. Louis Corporate Yoga we have easily customizable on-site yoga programs for companies in the St. Louis metro area. Our programs are flexible for smaller organizations as well as for big corporations.

We would be happy to share the benefits of a corporate yoga program and work with you to customize our program to fit your specific needs. All you need to do is call Michelle at 314-630-1677 or send a message directly through the box to the right.

Setting up an on-site yoga program does not have to take a lot of time, either. As soon as the financing of the program is approved, we will select the best yoga instructor for your company. All our yoga teachers go through our in-house yoga teacher training and certified through Yoga Alliance. We have been training yoga teachers for a decade. The best graduates have the opportunity to work with us in our local Clayton Yoga Studio plus with our corporate clients.

We also share the best practices to promote your new yoga program to your employees so it will be a success from the start. This is a win-win for everybody!




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  1. This is a great way to boost morale in the workplace! I am going to talk to my supervisors about opening our team meetings with meditation so that everyone can express their thoughts and concerns while being in a more unified mindset.
    Thank you for the advice!

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