Is Corporate Yoga Competitive?

flower-213415_640In an already high stressed world, do you need your yoga class to be competitive? Of course not.

Yoga is non-competitive in its nature. But did you know that there are actual yoga competitions going on in the US? Sounds unbelievable when you think about the true philosophy behind yoga but yes, there are practitioners who take their practice to that competitive level.

Do you feel competitive during yoga class? Checking out how your colleagues are doing? Who is most flexible? Who has more stamina or simply who has the trendiest T-shirt on? Who is huffing and puffing to keep up? Let’s be real, we are all human.

At the essence, yoga is about growth. Your own growth. Not your performance compared to anybody… not the teacher, not a fellow yoga student. It is about one person and that is YOU.

Some people say: “Compete against yourself!” But do you really have to be at war with your own self? Where is the compassion? Where is the loving kindness towards your body and soul?

Sometimes, we see yoga students struggling…. Struggling to keep a pose, struggling to breathe deeply, struggling to let all expectations go and just enjoy that 50 minutes they are gifted with during the workday. And we see yoga students focusing on their practice, accepting their daily form and smiling even if they decide to skip a pose or need a breather. What do you think who has more fun?

Doing yoga is a gift you give yourself. If you have the opportunity to practice in your lunch break – even better! You get this valuable gift from your employer (mostly) free of charge.

What if you decided to make the most of those 50 minutes of yoga? What if you showed up with the sole goal of giving yourself all those minutes to return to the now? What if you left all your expectations outside? What if you were curious of how your body can support your soul? What if it was all about the growth you can witness inside?

What if you could make peace with your current form, your limitations, the self-criticism and all the dark thoughts you might be still entertaining before entering the class? You know what would happen? You had a chance to grow… some days by small baby steps… some other days through a breakthrough.

This is what we want for you to happen: you leave the class a little bit stronger, a bit calmer, maybe more flexible and with a more positive outlook on life. Feeling that you did something for your own self. Just for you…. Knowing that you can come back next week and continue your journey to better understanding yourself and the people around you. Knowing that your body is grateful for being freed of all pressure, stress and competition… even just for an hour a week.

Our mission is to give you that one hour…. for you!