Key Benefits of Corporate Yoga Programs

Walter Jones TestimonialSt. Louis Corporate Yoga creates key benefits in our yoga wellness onsite program throughout greater St. Louis. 

What clients say from taking just a few yoga classes is a dramatic increase in higher levels of energy.   Even greater than coffee, which offers just a short 2-3 hour buzz; yoga by contrast, offers clients find sustained levels of higher energy throughout the day. 

Those who practice yoga also experience more confidence in their own health and rely less and less on drugs, medication and office visits to treat in many cases stress related issues, like the common cold, indigestion or chronic headaches.  Lower healthcare visits equal lower health insurance premiums reducing more costs for corporate company owners.

Lastly, a very powerful benefit we found is the overall better feelings of community and cooperative support with their work colleagues.

Overall feedback from corporate clients report that although work challenges continue, practicing yoga increases cooperation, teamwork and greater levels for compassion for company coworkers. 

Walter Jones states “As I was getting older, I wanted to do something, to improve my joints, flexibility and my strength, improve my health. With corporate yoga classes, I can come in the middle of the day, renew myself in the middle of the workweek. I love it. Changes I have noticed have been to improve flexibility and I find that I get a lot less stressful about things. I tend to feel that things will work themselves out if I don’t panic. I just think the best thing you can do for yourself is yoga in terms of improving your health, having a great outlook and overall tone body and muscle mass.”

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Paula Teabeau says “I have always wanted to try yoga. I have seen it on TV. I have a very stressful job and wanted to also practice something where I could burn calories and also something calm for my mind. The camaraderie for my employees makes it enjoyable and it’s offered two times a week. Overall, it is a wonderful class.  Overall, I am less stressed, realized that a lot of my muscles have relaxed more, more ambidextrous, I am a different person, I have a different outlook, makes my day go faster, and helping me physically, mentally, and much better job performance. It gives you a different feeling about yourself and I would definitely recommend it”. 

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With over 10 years of experience, St. Louis Corporate Yoga are the corporate yoga experts.  We gladly bring extra yoga mats, yoga music, challenging and safe, accessible yoga postures and invite all students whether they are beginner or more advanced.  Our all levels yoga approach is great for the corporate yoga scene. 

St. Louis Corporate Yoga has offered onsite wellness programs to more than 10 companies and over 800 happy and satisfied students!  Call us today and let us help you create the most motivating yoga program to meet your company’s needs.  Please contact Michelle Maue, 314-630-1677 for more information or email,