Do you Live in a Friendly World or a Hostile One?

Have you noticed when you have more energy, you are more inspired and get more done?  You have happier thoughts, are in a better mood and find more creative new ideas?

Albert Einstein once said that whether you live in a friendly or hostile world was the most important question of our time.

I used to look outside and wait for others to be kind.  Guess what?  I was spell casted into believing that someone else would one day bring me my happiness.  As I practiced and taught more yoga, and opened up more about my true feelings of inferiority, I found that more people were drawn to me and inspired by my willingness to be authentic.  I realized that right in the middle of our stressors, it is possible to pause, and come back to my center, to discover the creativity, vitality and wisdom within.

And wow, did I attract lots of business, new clientele and have lots of energy.  No longer content with waiting for other people to change, I wanted to learn the tools to do that myself.  And I discovered many cool things changing in the workplace too!

In 2001, when I began teaching corporate on-site wellness, to be honest, I really did not have much idea about what I was doing except I had faith.  I believed that what I was teaching would one day bring about fantastic results and 10 years later after teaching 2,000 corporate yoga classes and training yoga instructors around the world, I believe that came true.

Since practicing yoga, I am lighter on myself and can even laugh at my own imperfections and weaknesses more somehow, just knowing, that is where the light is.  For example, I am a terrible driver; I just don’t enjoy being behind the wheel and going places, except for the good music that sometimes plays on the radio.  I also am not a very good cook.  Despite many halfhearted attempts, and with a very busy teaching schedule, my cooking over the past ten years has not changed very much.  But all of that is okay.  In fact that leaves lots of room to enjoy and collaborate with the strengths of others.

Enjoy another great corporate yoga video celebrating 10 years of success for St. Louis Corporate Yoga (Clayton Yoga Studio).

With the practice of daily breathing, I have the increased energy, and perspective to go past the daily dramas and labeling and evaluation of everything and just be in a state of gratitude and wonderment.  It is there that I understand how to prioritize better, laugh more and just lighten up!  As I do that I recover my spirit, feel even more energy and thank the sky, the sun, the moon, and these cycles that are teaching us, anyone can do yoga, anyone can experience profound love and anyone can fly!

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