Office Yoga Poses of the Month – Shoulder Openers

healthy backWe understand it is not always possible to get to your yoga class with more and more work piled up on the desk.  That is why we bring to you our monthly blogpost with easy to follow in the office or at home stretches.

This month, we wish to feature shoulder openers.  All of us carry a great deal of tension in our upper back, shoulders and even arms.

Practicing shoulder openers will diminish tension headaches, fatigue and provide the brain with a much needed boost of oxygen.  This will then help release tension converting it back into its natural state or vitality.  With new energy, you will be able to tackle new projects and have more creative ideas.


1) Right now in your chair, bring your hands interlaced and above your head.  Take 8-10 breaths and feel that stretch through your thorasic and upper back muscles.

2) For the second pose, bring one hand around the opposite elbow and pull that over the crown of the head, stretching the tricep muscles of the arm.  Again, hold the posture for 8-10 breaths.  Change sides.

3) For the third and best yoga pose in the office place, stand next to the office chair and interlace your hands behind you.  Stretch downward through the arms and the hands.  Keep rolling open the collarbones and feel the top of the chest open, the key is to soften the rib cage down and back and feel the top of your chest opening like ‘Superman’ with the collarbones smiling big and bright.

4) From a seated position, lift the arms out to the sides and above the head, palms touching.  Exhale slowly to the count of 5 and bring the arms back down.

Some other suggestions for inviting yourself to practice include an at home practice too.  Create a sacred part of your house where it is solely dedicated to quiet time. Quiet the distractions and light soft candles, or tea lights throughout your home.  Play soft music, and clear away any clutter.

Navigating our way back to compassion and spirit requires us to stay grounded. Yoga is a system of tools designed to bring our fragmented selves back into wholeness and balance.

The interesting thing about being grounded, is that your empathy and team building skills go through the roof.

The most important step in yoga is to try.  If you do not practice, you will not receive benefits.  Secondly, give yourself space to be gentle and learn from the different postures and techniques.  Every single yogi begins their practice with resistance and tension in the body.  Be gentle as you bump up against your edges.

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