Office Yoga Programs Are Not Just For Corporations

architecture-22039_640Yoga offered in an office setting is usually referred to as corporate yoga. But it is not just big corporations that can take advantage of all the benefits in-house yoga classes deliver.

Many different type of organizations can benefit from inviting yoga to the workplace!

A company doesn’t have to employ hundreds of people to make adding on-site wellness programs worthwhile. Small companies with 5-10 employees can make this concept work, too!

Non-profit organizations, hospitals, hotels and government organizations can all benefit from our programs.

We offer on-site private yoga classes, small group classes and yoga classes up to 25 participants.

One of our new offers is private yoga classes at the workplace. Many busy executives don’t have the time to travel to a yoga studio after work. On the other hand, these managers have to cope with very high stress levels daily. The practice during lunch hour, before or after work might be the only opportunity for them. A private class offers privacy and sole focus on the person’s needs.

There are many different ways to finance corporate yoga programs. Your health insurance might finance the costs of such program full or at least partly. In our experience the employees who take advantage of in-house classes gladly pay a small fee per class, too.

A few months ago we ran a pilot case study program at one of our valued partner companies. Our goal was to understand what type of improvements yoga class participants enjoy after practicing for just 3 months. The results were very positive! If you would like to get a copy of the executive summary of this case study, please let us know. We are very proud of our results and would be more than happy to share it with you!

Would you like to hear what our corporate yoga students has to say about their experience with St. Louis Corporate Yoga? We have interviewed a few of our enthusiastic students and recorded these videos where they share their results:

Would you like to have a peek at how our business yoga classes are running? Check out our class videos here:

We are famous for our flexibility and client friendliness when we prepare an office yoga proposal for our prospects. No matter if your organization has 10 employees or 1000, we will find the best way to share yoga with everybody in the company.

Please call Michelle at 314-630-1677 to explore the possibilities of offering in-house wellness programs! You are also welcome to send us a message through the message box to the right side of this webpage! We will connect with you soon!