On-site Yoga Classes Benefit St. Louis County

AnnaGallThis blogpost is a recent interview with Anna Gall, Employee Wellness Coordinator/HR Generalist II with St. Louis County, who speaks candidly with Clayton Yoga about the direct positive benefits Corporate Yoga yoga classes have had on the employees of St. Louis County.

St. Louis County took a keen interest in onsite wellness yoga classes after reviewing the aggregate reports that came back from an overall health assessment given to its employees. Based on these results, St. Louis County realized that its employees had a high level of readiness for fitness classes. 3 years ago, Anna Gall took the initiative to ask Clayton Yoga to present yoga classes to its corporate employees.

Anna enjoys working with Michelle Maue and Clayton Yoga for two big reasons.  One, she is very impressed with Michelle’s level of perseverance and commitment to follow through on the job.  Anna finds that Clayton Yoga offers a high level of professionalism, flexibility and on the job training.  When there are unexpected holidays or room renovations, Clayton Yoga easily adapts to these changes.

The second reason Anna Gall is grateful she went with Clayton Yoga as opposed to mainstream high impact fitness classes, is the accessibility of yoga offers. Anybody can sign up and participate in yoga classes whether they have arthritis in their knee or are just getting started with a new fitness program.

Anna reports that employees feel more relaxed, refreshed and ready to work.  Clients also say they have greater energy, much fewer migraines and the company benefits as a result of overall greater presenteeism.  Employees also report greater concentration, and higher levels of positive energy in the office.

After just 2 years of onsite yoga, word got around from other employees in St. Louis County who also wanted to enjoy onsite yoga classes and the program has doubled from 4 to 9 weekly yoga classes.

Anna Gall feels strongly that the positive results for yoga classes far outweigh overall expenses.  “These classes were found to be very good”, Anna says “in reducing overall stress for many employees who faced high levels of stress daily when dealing directly with the public”.

In summary, County employees were coping better with stress due to their yoga and wellness class. Even more incredible is that insurance claims were lowered on average by 2% for St. Louis County employees’ medical claims.

Anna goes on further to say, “as the level of interest continues to soar, and word of mouth grows, this yoga wellness model is creating a whole new culture at St. Louis County”.  One in which Anna says “employees are wanting to take better care of themselves rather than having others take care of them”.

Anna is most grateful for the quality of work Michelle and Clayton Yoga provide.  Their level of services make it easy to keep communication flowing, and offer a continuous stream of quality yoga classes.

If you know someone or are interested in starting a corporate onsite yoga program, contact Michelle Maue at 314-630-1677.  We would love to have a free phone consultation learning more about your company’s unique interest and needs. Namaste!