One Minute Meditation at Work

CYAW photo 1“A few times per day, while sitting at my desk, tension begins to creep in and take over.  I may be sitting too long and working too hard.” Most people agree that work related stress is the single worst contributor to poor health.

Did you know there is a way to transform our tension without having to get to a yoga class?  Research shows that deep breathing is the single best way to counteract anxiety and keep the mind calm, clear and empowered. When we breathe with more awareness, we breathe deeply and nourish our heart, support better digestion and even improve our immune system too!

How about One Minute Meditations?  When we breathe deep  even for one minute, we find our center, and have greater access to sustained levels of energy throughout the day.   Try this, as soon as the moment of tension arises, take a step back, and notice your own unique breath move through the nostrils.  Take a few deep and natural breaths in and out.   Allow yourself to sit comfortably with your back to the office chair.  As you begin to make any adjustments, give yourself permission to sit tall, and relax the shoulders.

Notice any muscles that are still tense, the shoulders, face, arms and see if you can release their tension on the exhale breath.  Begin to notice how the breath slows down and lengthens the more you place your focus upon it.

Continue to breathe a few more rounds.  Take the breath from the belly first, and also exhale from the belly first.  If you like to try a counting breath, think of 4 on the in breath, pause and 8 on the out breath.

Small moments of meditation at key moments when tension is arising can be very useful in finding again greater ease at work.  This will flood the body with feel good hormones such as serotonin.  We can increase peace of mind and take good health back into our own hands.

Everyone has a unique breath and different lung capacity and tidal volume.  Allow your breathing to feel natural and supportive to you.  If your mind begins to wander and you have gone away too, simply reassure yourself that every one of us does the same thing too.  It is as if we have two brains, one that is intimately connected to our peace and one that is hardwired for distraction and survival.

Staying with the breath reminds us how to access the higher mind and simply experience what is actually happening.  For each of us, life is constant change, and there is no amount of controlling it, that will stop this unfolding process.  When we stay with our breath, we can witness without attachment, and experience greater space, inner security, pleasure, and joy!

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