Practice Yoga and Find your Peak Performance

When you feel centered, calm and empowered, chances are that you feel energized and inspired to perform at a higher level. It is natural to want to excel and become a better version of yourself.  In yoga, we help train you in the art of single-pointedness.  Even in disappointment and setbacks, we learn to grow.  Yoga immediately improves our mental concentration and focus. Breathing is a fabulous coping tool to help us achieve a state of self-mastery.

When we practice staying calm and move our body through challenging postures, we find naturally that we want to take more and more responsibility for our life.  If we project or blame, we will never be empowered or happy.  But by creating more space, we increase our awareness and find a greater ability to be more loving with our imperfections.

When we experience greater self-acceptance, old habit patterns of self-doubt break free and we find a whole new clearing.  Stress teaches us in a good way how to adapt using creative new goals and newfound inner strength.  None of us are here to have a mediocre existence.  We are here to thrive and expand and be great.

For me, yoga continues to remind me to find more fun in the everyday, more appreciative for all the blessings that come my way, and find more laughter, and more love.

There is never a better time to invest in a new yoga corporate program and motivate yourself, to greater health, peace, and happiness.

Would you like to start a corporate yoga program at your workplace? Please contact, Michelle Maue, at 314-630-1677 or through the Contact page!