Sitting Is Killing You Now

computer-15812_640Sitting is silently killing you – It is true. We wrote about this 18 months ago on this blog already. Would you like to read our article? Here is the link.

Just a few days ago The Washington Post published an awesome article summarizing the different ways sitting is becoming one of the most dangerous thing we do every single day. Who would have thought that an activity we engage in for hours at the workplace and then at home in front of the computer or TV can wreck our lives so efficiently.

The infographic in the article shows in detail which part of our bodies suffer the most from sitting way too much.

One of the most shocking finding we read is the way sitting might actually lead to an overproductive pancreas and then to diabetes. Here is the quote:

“The pancreas produces insulin, a hormone that carries glucose to cells for energy. But cells in idle muscles don’t respond as readily to insulin, so the pancreas produces more and more, which can lead to diabetes and other diseases. A 2011 study found a decline in insulin response after just one day of prolonged sitting.”

Please view the whole infographic here:

You can also download it as a PDF. Print it out and keep it by your desk so you get a daily reminder why you must stand up and move to stay healthy!

For easy reminder we post here the part of The Washington Post infographic which gives you advice on how to deal with the consequences of too much sitting.


Practicing yoga is mentioned as an effective way to counteract the damage sitting is causing. The simple fact that you decide to use 1 (or more) lunch break to be in movement, stretching and moving those muscles will benefit you tremendously. We like to focus on poses beneficial to the hip flexors in our classes.

You can practice yoga during work hours without sweating or messing your clothes and hair up. After 50 minutes of calm inducing practice you will bale to return to your desk without any extra prep.

Would you like to hear what long time corporate student have to say about St. Louis Corporate Yoga classes?  Pay attention to the wonderful benefits they enjoy as a result of yoga! Please watch our many testimonial videos!

What will you do today to cut back on sitting? Feel free to share in the Comments section!

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