Small Changes, Big Impact – Part Five

beach-362220_640Enjoy the last installment of our “Small Changes, Big Impact” series!

Comparing yourself to others? Stop!

Do you indulge in this counter-productive behavior? It is natural to compare yourself to others and judge your life compared to other people’s destiny. Want to be seriously unhappy? Looking at ways how the grass is greener on the other side of the fence will deliver a sad life.

Life is not a competition. Who wins and who loses is just a matter of perspective sometimes. Even when you win, constantly competing with your co-workers or friends is just exhausting. All that energy wasted without any results to show for!

We all have good and bad points, strength and weaknesses. Good and bad things happen to us. We all win some days and lose some other days.

And the funny thing is? Next time you compare yourself to someone else, remember that they are likely comparing themselves to you too!

Yoga practice is perfect for teaching about unnecessary comparisons. Yoga is no competition. In yoga, you compare your progress today to your own performance yesterday. If your co-worker can a hold a posture longer than you, that is awesome. If you are more flexible – wonderful! Know that both of you work on realizing your full potential in that minute.


Help others to bring happiness to life

Did you know that performing random acts of kindness towards others could actually benefit your health? You will experience less stress and more happiness – both are very advantageous for your health!

Why not make an effort to unselfishly help a colleague or even a perfect stranger starting today? A few ideas: taking over a small task from a co-worker so he/she can leave the office on time to pick up the kids, bringing flowers for the office or having a stash of healthy snacks to share in the office for those uninspired afternoon hours.

How about sending flowers to an old friend, complimenting a neighbor on their outfit, donating books to the school library or paying for the person behind you in the grocery queue? There are so many great ideas for making somebody else’s day a bit brighter.

Have you ever thought about gifting a family member or colleague with a yoga class card? It is a wonderful gift to experience “time out” from the usual stressful day! Maybe your act of kindness will start them on a lifelong yoga journey. You can purchase a yoga gift certificate through our secure shopping cart or just call us at 314-630-1677!

We hope our tips on small steps helped you to make a big change in your life! If so, please let us know in the Comments below!

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