St. Louis Corporate Yoga Benefits St. Louis Corporations

The effective antidote for the stress of modern-day challenges in business and in life: Yoga.

The Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital found in survey after survey, that Americans identify stress as their number one health concern today.  More than 50% of adults in the U.S report high stress on a daily basis.  Untreated, stress can seriously affect, performan, health and well-being.  St. Louis Corporate Yoga brings yoga right to your doorstep!  St. Louis Corporate Yoga offers business professionals a great way to unwind, learn how to relax in their own workplace, increase positive energy, and team bonding.

Corporate all level yoga classes are designed for all levels and backgrounds.  That is because the emphasis is not on achieving advanced postures but learning how to stay calm moment to moment.   We work with negative emotions such as impatience, fear, anger, aggression toward one another and develop a systematic program to learn how to shift into stress-free appreciation, team bonding, and courage.

Clients who have worked with St. Louis Corporate Yoga say that it is the convenience of having such a course right at the workplace that they love the most.  Yoga has been proven to lower blood pressure, improve sleep and alleviate stress.  According to Thomas Perls, M.D. and director of the New England Centurion Project at Boston University, “It isn’t the amount of stress that matters, but how you manage it.”

Begin now to notice your posture, and style of breathing.  When you do not sit up straight and hunch your shoulders forward, you are cutting off circulation between the body and brain.  This requires a huge amount of energy to keep circulation going.  Try in this moment, to sit up tall, relax the shoulders and take a few simple, deep breaths.

A study done at the University of California at San Francisco has confirmed that stress really does age you.  The reason is that constant stress causes the telomere, or tiny caps on cell chromosome which govern cell regeneration to get smaller.  When the cell’s telomere become too short, the cell stops dividing and eventually die.  Greater relaxation then leads to a longer life span for the telomere and rejunvenated energy throughout the body.

Please read our list of benefits for Corporate Yoga Program here as well as click on our St. Louis Corporate Yoga Video to see just what it is like to be in one of our on-site yoga and wellness classes.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga Programs:

  •     Improved morale in the workplace
  •     Increased productivity and communication
  •     Increased efficiency
  •     Increased concentration
  •     Decreased anxiety and tension
  •     Decreased muscle tension and pain
  •     Decreased sick time and absences
  •     Ability to manage emotional stress

To start a corporate yoga on-site program and boost your employee morale, simply give us a call or email today.  One of our company representatives will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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