St. Louis Corporate Yoga Designs a Program that Fits Your Company’s Unique Needs

St. Louis Corporate Yoga began in 2001.  Michelle Maue, owner of Clayton Yoga, creator of St. Louis Corporate Yoga has taught over 5,000 corporate yoga classes throughout the metro St. Louis area.   Many of the St. Louis Corporate Yoga Instructors offer the best yoga classes available in the industry today.  These instructors are trained to work with and support every company uniquely, which in turn creates greater support, fun and ‘enlightening’ wellness and yoga classes.

Each week, our teachers bring fresh yoga handouts, student work sheets, and new lifestyle tips to engage and inspire students to open minds, and awakened hearts.  Rather than just simply teaching students a sequence, instructors with St. Louis Corporate Yoga get proactively involved in each student’s life and co-facilitate with them to seek out better and healthier lifestyle choices.   What people need today, Michelle Maue says is more “energy, confidence and joy”.  With this boost, employees make a shift toward the positive and for the long haul.

Corporate yoga revitalizes the immune system and the major organs of the body; removing waste products up to three times more quickly.  Improved immunity means less workdays lost through colds, fatigue and other non-specific illnesses.  Certainly, when students are encouraged to go at their own pace, they also quickly learn that when we give permission to make mistakes, we simply grow.  Then rather a chore, it becomes dynamic to look after and care of our mind, body and spirit.

The American Journal of Hypertension found that after a 5 minute period of stress induction, Yoga breathing exercises were shown to lower systolic blood pressure more quickly when compared to classical music and natural sounds

Regular on-site corporate yoga classes also develop greater self-esteem.  You come to feel good about yourself.  By carrying out demanding physical yoga postures, your confidence will grow-even after your first class.

Yoga also creates stronger bonds between the employees and staff.  When people take yoga classes together, they build better avenues of communication and trust between one another and have fun.

With more than 10 years of experience, we are aware that every company is different and requires a unique approach.  Implementing a corporate on-site wellness class requires just 1-2 hours per week investment and our classes are geared toward all level backgrounds and ability.  In addition, St. Louis Corporate Yoga saves you time by offering professional, courteous service.  To sign your company up for corporate on-site yoga classes, contact Michelle Maue at 314-630-1677 or through our Contact page.



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