St. Louis Corporate Yoga Wellness Onsite Classes and Promotions for 2014

new-years-day-206351_640What would you like to see change in your life in 2014?  Bring yoga to the workplace and show others why yoga is the best medicine and empowerment tool today. St. Louis Corporate Yoga is extending a free $100 Amazon gift card for all new company referrals in St. Louis during 2014.

Would you like to

  • become healthier,
  • loose a few pounds,
  • become more resilient against stress in your job?
  • Or would you like to finally take some time just for yourself?

No matter what change you are looking for – yoga is the answer!  With over ten years of corporate yoga onsite experience, we know how to tailor yoga classes to best suit your personal and individual company needs.  All of our classes are geared for all levels and backgrounds.  There is no showers necessary, and most companies hire out for one or two yoga classes per week.

Here is a sample of what our corporate yoga clients have been saying.

“This class is a good stress reliever for me. Before taking the yoga class, I was having chest pains and I have not had them since starting yoga.” Phyllis Dilworth-Weaver

“I had migraines up to 16 times a year before. Since starting yoga 7 months ago, I’ve had 2! I’m off my migraine maintenance medication, and only have pain meds for migraines now.” Kathy

“Yoga has helped me reduce stress and tension. My balance has improved as I am getting older. The breathing aspect has helped me to quit smoking.” Donna Boeger

“I lost 40 lbs over the past year. Yoga has helped me lose and maintain the weight loss and made me much stronger in the process. I love yoga!” Darlene Rich

“Yoga gave me more flexibility in my joints, and I have better control of my stress and shoulder aches have disappeared.” Nora Pullen

Let St. Louis Corporate Yoga show you how to start a onsite wellness yoga class with just one consultation phone call.  With over 5,000 corporate yoga classes taught, we are certain you will be pleased with our results.

If you are interested in having yoga at your workplace, we would be happy to have a 20 minute phone consultation with you.  Please go to our web link here to sign up for a special phone consultation Make a commitment to a Healthy, Happy & Stress-Free You.

Also, check out our other very special New Year Yoga Class Card promotions available at our yoga studio in Clayton, Missouri. We have three types of packages available anytime in January.  A 3-month Yoga Class Card unlimited for $150, 6-month Yoga Class Card for $300 and a really great promotion of one yearly unlimited Yoga Class Card for $500.  A very small investment for a healthy return:  If you would like to enjoy unlimited yoga time at the studio, please take action now.

Why wait and expect different results? Make a change and take action NOW! Stop by and start practicing yoga with us soon!  We are here to support your transformation in health and happiness.