Stress Be Gone!

ache-19005_640Stress be gone! How many of your employees and colleagues have this deep wish in their soul every day of the week?

Would you like to guess? What percentage of your colleagues suffer from stress on a daily basis? 10%? 50%? Or even more? Here is the scary answer: Around 75% of US population experiences physical and/or psychological symptoms as a result of stress. When did life get so stressful for most of us?

What is causing our stress?

The top 3 causes of stress are

  • job pressure,
  • money and
  • health.

Job pressure means co-worker tensions, work overload and difficulties with bosses and supervisors. If you ever experienced any of these situations, you know how difficult it is to get things done in an efficient productive manner every day at work. And the impact of this stress doesn’t stop as soon as we leave the office, either. Fatigue, headaches, stomach pain and other health issues make life less enjoyable every minute of the day.

The major reasons why we stress about money is the fear around losing our jobs! Worry about covering living expenses during retirement and paying for medical expenses adds to the money stress.

Health is an important stress factor in other respects, too not just financially. Health crisis, terminal or chronic illness are high on the list of things we worry about constantly. Nothing has greater impact on the quality of life than the lack of health.

Nearly 50% of people say stress has a negative impact on their personal and professional life. 31% of employed adults admit that they have difficulty managing work and family responsibilities.

Employers face very high costs as a result of stress related health care expenses and the cost of missed work. The annual costs are around $300 billion!

Stress impacts corporations not just financially, of course. Tension among co-workers, bad corporate climate, and low employee job satisfaction add to the crisis on a human level.

It is interesting to see that the work life causes most of the stress we experience nowadays. But does it have to be this way? Is there anything companies could do to help their employees to enjoy a more relaxed life in the office and after work?

What if there was a way for effective stress reduction? What if your people didn’t even have to leave their workplace to get a few serene moments of relaxation? What if the results for your organization were easy to measure and prove? Would you be interested?

St. Louis Corporate Yoga has proved its yoga corporate yoga programs work. We recently ran a case study with impressing results at one of our recent partner companies.

We would be more than happy to share the case study results with you! Please call Michelle to get the details and explore how your employees could experience the same increase in their quality of life! Call us a t314-630-1677 or email to info at Can’t wait to design the perfect solution for your organization, too!

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