Find Your Best Work Mojo With Onsite Corporate Yoga Classes

Find Your Best Work Mojo With Onsite Corporate Yoga Classes

Did you know that the type of breath you use, correlates with a particular state of mind. A rapid, shallow, irregular, noisy breath equals an angry, afraid or upset state of mind.  While a calm, slow, deep, regular breath corresponds with a tranquil, creative and positive mental state.  In our corporate yoga onsite classes, we provide all the breathing and stretching tips you will ever need.  Our all level yoga classes, whether beginner or advanced, with Clayton Yoga corporate classes are geared for everyone!  We often convert empty office space or conference rooms into yoga classes in no time.  After each class, employees report feeling more relaxed, energized and confident.  While students experience a great deal of work, showers are not necessary.

Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt therapy, describes “anxiety as simply the experience of breathing difficulty”.  We can then, unblock negativity and fear, find creativity, joy and excitement again simply through the practice of deep breathing.  Our corporate yoga program now boasting over 13 weekly corporate classes weekly in St. Louis teaches, empowers and shows simple breathing tips to company employees.  An increase vitality, energy and productivity results from learning how to breath through work challenges and life stressors.

After spending two decades as a traveling physician searching for potent herbs and other forms of traditional and modern medicine, Dr. Andrew Weil finds that the single most potent and practical tool is our breath.

Proper breathing is the KEY to Great Health Proper breathing cures common conditions and more serious diseases.

This is..


Stress is widely agreed by doctors everywhere to be a the primary or aggravating cause of illness. In Africa, 95% of all doctorʼs visits are peptic ulcers, neck and back pain and headaches which suggest that even in third world countries, lack of proper breathing is also the main cause and source of problems.

Working with the breath changes consciousness.

♥Provides tools and ability to center our mind.

♥We can turn our direction away from the material to the non-material.

♥Working with the breath, we have the chance to change physiology.


A good indication that patients had this imbalance, he would find cold hands. Too much sympathetic means that our system is hardwired for “the fight or flight” response too much of the time.

Some other very serious indications of an over active sympathetic nervous system include:

■high blood pressure
■slow digestion
■increase blood flow to the skin and surface of the body
■constant stimulation
■irregular heartbeat
■body responding to constant threat that never goes away
■drugs suppresses tendency of the body to rebound

Based on expansion and contraction, the stars and the body simultaneously breath. Breath is a concentrated, still essence of being. We are not trying to change the breath, simply observe the breath. Eventually, Dr. Andrew Weil believes you may reach enlightenment.

If you are interested in feeling positive mojo in the workplace again, please contact us!  We can be reaching Monday to Friday from 8am-6pm, at 314-630-1677.  Namaste.




Why is Thai Yoga Massage Private so Beneficial?

buddhism-462358_640We are often the ones making life so darn difficult: over-scheduled lifestyles, lack of spontaneity, poor sleep, erratic diets, judgmental thinking. This built up mismanaged energy does not need more doctors and pills, but perhaps some sacred realignment time to finding more happiness and greater fulfillment.

One of the best ways to improve the quality of our relationship to ourself and others is to bring our energy back into balance. Many studies tell us that a healthy lifestyle not only requires less energy to maintain but also elevates our appetite for life. With greater energy, we may step outside our regular comfort zone, and take long walks, or practice compassion, offering forgiveness. Respecting our time management skills, pays back double, as we gain both vitality and insight and have bigger desires to set and meet new personal goals.

Traditional Thai Yoga massage is an ancient form of therapeutic healing. It’s roots are in India from where it was brought to Thailand over 2000 years ago by Ayurvedic doctors and Buddhist monks. It combines acupressure, energy balancing, stretching and applied yoga exercises. Traditional Thai Yoga massage is a unique and powerful massage therapy. This very ancient form of bodywork, is excellent both for those extremely stressed as well as those with many years of yoga and meditation experience.

Receiving a Thai Yoga Massage is unlike any other kind of experience. An experienced Thai Yoga instructor will apply the harmonious vibration of “metta” bringing about a most tranquil and blissful feeling through the mind/body. When we are receiving Thai Yoga Massage, we feel fully supported, nurtured and encouraged to be ourself. This supreme state of relaxation results in feelings of safety, trust and revitalization at the deepest level.

Using our primary muscles of breathing, we inhale, expanding the abdomen, allowing the diaphragm to release, the lung tissue to expand and the deep, rich oxygenated breaths to flow. We may let life unfold without attaching to results. It is there that we are able to circulate the body with life force energy and wire our brain to stay calm, confident and centered right in the center of change.

Thai yoga massage has been offered at Clayton Yoga since 2006 and since that time, Michelle Maue has offered over 150 Thai Yoga Massages. Thai Yoga Massage provides us with greater intuition, strengthens the heart chakra, and helps us make better lifestyle choices. For frazzled souls, seeking quick solutions, Thai Yoga Massage helps to balance us from the inside out.

To feel amazing from the inside out, why not contact Michelle Maue at 314-630-1677, and book your first Thai Yoga Massage session with us today! relaxation, Clayton Yoga

Clayton Yoga Classes Building Community at the Workplace

waterlily-21127_640Anne Hollin, Executive Assistant, speaks to us about her fantastic experience as a corporate onsite yoga student with Clayton Yoga.  Ms. Hollin has been working with the Family Court for over fourteen years.  While she has never been a big, huge fan of exercise, Anne is extremely motivated, energized and excited to talk today about the benefits she has been experiencing.  More than two years ago, Anne began attending yoga onsite classes.  And the more that she came to class, the more she realized how difficult these yoga postures were and relaxed she felt afterwards.

Anne says that she had done yoga before.  Though, when she started attending Clayton Yoga’s corporate class, she was not a real fan of yoga initially, she began to notice and enjoy both the exercise and empowering the yoga Family Court community.  Anne has developed greater flexibility.  Yoga helped Anne after her Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Doctors were very pleased with her overall prognosis and within 3 yoga classes, she was back to her regular plank routine.  Having greater practice with breathing, has really taught Anne how to pay attention and back off meeting unique moment to moment varying needs as they arise.  She finds that having a calmer, more peaceful mind has directly resulted in healthier decisions to eat better and take care of her body.

She finds that yoga helps her to become more accountable to her coworkers.  Each week, they check in with each other and ask if they are going to yoga today?  And if “I don’t go” Anna says, “then that’s my thing!”.  Now after attending more than two years of onsite regular yoga classes, Anne finds a thriving connection and wellness culture taking place.  Many work colleagues who have never tried yoga before are a bit intimidated to start.  People would come by and check it out.  Many of them may believe for example, that sitting cross legged and chanting Om is practicing yoga.

They don’t realize yet, that yoga is a great workout.  Anne would like nothing better than to help get more people exposed to that. She remembers one colleague who came in and tried out one yoga class.  Even after one yoga class, found what a difference that made.  She noticed how this one yoga class made him more calm throughout that particular workday.

Above all, Anne really enjoys the group of committed yoga students who have made weekly yoga practice a necessary staple in their overall enjoyment for life.  Anne looks forward to even taking her cat naps toward the end of class as she finds the teacher’s loving and soothing voice coupled with very meditative music nice.   She is interested in the possibility of yoga class now twice per week.  And would like to encourage any student from any background or ability to try this wonderful corporate onsite yoga class.

If you are interested in starting a corporate yoga onsite class with Clayton Yoga, we would be happy to provide you with a free phone consultation, 314-630-1677!  Let us help you to set up an onsite corporate yoga class soon! Namaste.


Working Women’s Survival Show Yoga Presentation

Clayton Yoga presents at the Working Women’s Survival Show this upcoming February 23rd + 24th, 2013. For the very first time, Michelle Maue will demonstrate yoga to this lovely group of people.  It will be a thirty minute yoga demonstration to put people at ease with practice of learning yoga.  We will present yoga at 4pm on Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 and 12pm on Sunday, February 24, 2013.

Did you know how yoga increases our resiliency to stress?  Yoga opens up energy centers in our body and helps us reconnect with our natural energy flow.  This creates better health and greater overall confidence.Are you aware that stress itself is actually healthy for us? In this fun and important yoga demonstration, Michelle will show you just how to breathe and feel great.

Yoga postures are over 2,500 years old and designed to open the nadis or energy centers throughout the body.  When we practice yoga and breathe deeply, we give ourselves a chance to connect with natural vitality and feel refreshed, recharged and centered.

Yoga and meditation is a very powerful medicine designed not only to support better health, but also provides us with a great system we can customize to meet our own particular needs.  Most of us for example, have a great deal of anxiety and stress in today’s modern world.  In navigating through the present moment and in relationships with our coworkers, we can sometimes get stuck in a rut.

We may find that we often get upset with others or ourselves.  Rather than being a perfectionist, yoga helps us release control of the situation and remember to trust.  Rather than being fixated on getting someone else to change, yoga empowers us to let go and simply let good.

Yoga when done properly connects us with our body and our heart chakra.  This is where we find our empathy and reconnect with universal intelligence, rather than the use of brute force, we find natural vitality and trust again.  It is there that we get back into balance with the earth and transform this world by being an example as Ghandi once said thus making it a great collaborative place to live.

In addition to covering these main yoga points, we will also be giving away free gift bags and empowering yoga handout tips on better ways to find relaxation, courage and success.  And of course, the very best part is that we will share with you, just how easy it is to get yoga started for your company!

For over ten years, Clayton Yoga has delivered corporate yoga wellness classes throughout the greater metro St. Louis area.  Currently we offer 11 corporate yoga classes each week to many different companies and organizations.

Research shows that students who attend corporate yoga wellness on-site classes have fewer doctor’s visits, greater vitality and productivity at the workplace.

Please come out and join us! See why thousands of women will be interested in attending such a fabulous show as the 26th Annual Women’s Working Survival Show.  To see more information about purchasing your tickets, please go the following website at today!


Find Your Om in the Office

St. Louis Corporate Yoga offers local business professionals a way to get into shape, and relax right in their own workplace.  Our 10 year experienced yoga staff deliver great corporate yoga classes for both beginners as well as more advanced students.

These corporate yoga wellness programs help to decrease stress, increase positive attitudes, better problem solving skills, and overall greater company morale.

There are many various way to compensate financially such a program. Management can help to lower the cost. Insurance companies may offer direct reimbursement to St. Louis Corporate Yoga, and larger size yoga classes keep average price points low.

Our current client, St. Louis County, is happily being covered by their insurance company Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  Another corporate client with St. Louis Corporate Yoga, the Thomas Eagleton courthouse group, are saving a bundle paying out of pocket with larger group classes of over 20 students.  Their corporate yoga on-site program has been expanding now for over 8 years.

In 2008, St. Louis Corporate Yoga which ran its name under Bella Yoga, was featured in the St. Louis Business Journal for its work with Gallop, Johnson and Neuman, a local law firm in Clayton.  Please click here to read this wonderful article:

Robert Droney, an attorney with Gallop Johnson & Neuman, helped spearhead the effort to bring yoga classes to the law firm. Droney said that taking a yoga class over lunch once a week gives him an energy boost and helps him clear his mind. “It is encouraging to have a wellness-minded employer.  In addition to flexibility, it has helped with my balance and posture, and it has helped develop more core strength in my abdominal and back muscles than what I have experienced with running, biking and swimming,” he said.  Students though need not be athletes to reap the benefits of on-site corporate yoga. 

If you are interested in helping to increase employee wellness and vitality in the workplace, please contact us today at314-630-1677 or  info at claytonyoga dot com.





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We are The Experts in Corporate Yoga

For the past 10 years, St.Louis Corporate Yoga has been showing companies just how to reduce healthcare costs, improve employee morale and increase job productivity.

In that time, St. Louis Corporate Yoga has offered over 2,000 yoga wellness classes to over 800 yoga students.  We also instruct 8 corporate classes throughout the greater St. Louis metro area each week!

Workplace yoga also offers a better way for local business professionals to chill out at their desk, get into better shape, unwind and find greater productivity, all within their own workplace. Corporate Yoga also offers employees a chance to have greater energy, vitality, joy, and less back and neck pain. 

Would you like to get more information on how we can help your company and your employees? Please contact Michelle Maue at 314-630-1677 or through our Contact page.