Find Your Best Work Mojo With Onsite Corporate Yoga Classes

Find Your Best Work Mojo With Onsite Corporate Yoga Classes

Did you know that the type of breath you use, correlates with a particular state of mind. A rapid, shallow, irregular, noisy breath equals an angry, afraid or upset state of mind.  While a calm, slow, deep, regular breath corresponds with a tranquil, creative and positive mental state.  In our corporate yoga onsite classes, we provide all the breathing and stretching tips you will ever need.  Our all level yoga classes, whether beginner or advanced, with Clayton Yoga corporate classes are geared for everyone!  We often convert empty office space or conference rooms into yoga classes in no time.  After each class, employees report feeling more relaxed, energized and confident.  While students experience a great deal of work, showers are not necessary.

Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt therapy, describes “anxiety as simply the experience of breathing difficulty”.  We can then, unblock negativity and fear, find creativity, joy and excitement again simply through the practice of deep breathing.  Our corporate yoga program now boasting over 13 weekly corporate classes weekly in St. Louis teaches, empowers and shows simple breathing tips to company employees.  An increase vitality, energy and productivity results from learning how to breath through work challenges and life stressors.

After spending two decades as a traveling physician searching for potent herbs and other forms of traditional and modern medicine, Dr. Andrew Weil finds that the single most potent and practical tool is our breath.

Proper breathing is the KEY to Great Health Proper breathing cures common conditions and more serious diseases.

This is..


Stress is widely agreed by doctors everywhere to be a the primary or aggravating cause of illness. In Africa, 95% of all doctorʼs visits are peptic ulcers, neck and back pain and headaches which suggest that even in third world countries, lack of proper breathing is also the main cause and source of problems.

Working with the breath changes consciousness.

♥Provides tools and ability to center our mind.

♥We can turn our direction away from the material to the non-material.

♥Working with the breath, we have the chance to change physiology.


A good indication that patients had this imbalance, he would find cold hands. Too much sympathetic means that our system is hardwired for “the fight or flight” response too much of the time.

Some other very serious indications of an over active sympathetic nervous system include:

■high blood pressure
■slow digestion
■increase blood flow to the skin and surface of the body
■constant stimulation
■irregular heartbeat
■body responding to constant threat that never goes away
■drugs suppresses tendency of the body to rebound

Based on expansion and contraction, the stars and the body simultaneously breath. Breath is a concentrated, still essence of being. We are not trying to change the breath, simply observe the breath. Eventually, Dr. Andrew Weil believes you may reach enlightenment.

If you are interested in feeling positive mojo in the workplace again, please contact us!  We can be reaching Monday to Friday from 8am-6pm, at 314-630-1677.  Namaste.




Bite-Sized Success Advice

career-479578_640Do you wish to be successful? Develop habits that will help you reach your goals!

Easy road to success is a myth! If you crave success, first you have to learn how to deal with simple situations. Get as much experience and knowledge from those and use those experiences as a basis of up-leveling your life.

Becoming successful requires you to have self-discipline. You must never let your mood take the best of you and never allow yourself to simply go with the flow. Yoga is extremely valuable in teaching you how to manage your emotions so take that corporate yoga class consistently for best results.

No matter how challenging your current situation is especially when you are trying to be the best that you can be, never lose hope. You will get through eventually.

The path to success is paved with obstacles. Sometimes you can destroy that obstacle or go past it. Some other times you might even be forced to find another way so you can avoid the obstacle that you are faced with. Regardless of what you choose, you will know, in your heart, what the best is the best thing to do.

Think positive even if you are faced with a lot of challenges.

Thinking positively is just the beginning, you have to take consistent actions, too!

No matter what the naysayers say, please know that anybody can become successful – and this includes you, too! Just focus on achieving your goals and give limited attention to the negativity around you.

Successful individuals spend their time wisely – with clear focus and attention to get done the most important things in minimal time. You can follow their example!

Stay open minded and calm especially when faced with difficulties. If you can keep this inner calm, decision making will be so much easier.

Increase your chances of becoming successful by checking out different points of view, gathering new ideas, focusing on your goals and checking out new opportunities that will help you achieve the success that you have always wanted.

Making up excuses is lame. This is only for people who are either lazy or too scared. Take your time to deal with any blows life send your way.

Hard work is still the most important bet to become successful in your chosen career.

Make sure that you are always in good physical shape. Taking yoga classes regularly and staying healthy will not be a challenge any more. Fill yourself with energy during your on-site yoga class.

Always remember your passionate why! You do things for a reason. Let that “Why?” shine every day to motivate you even if it was easier to just give up.

Never ever quit. You can only be successful if your determination is strong. Don’t waste a minute with doubting yourself.

You need to master your craft if you wish to become successful. Focus on less areas but go for deeper learning!

Don’t forget: YOU CAN DO IT!



Reach Your Wellness Goals With Mental Toughness

fitness-332278_640Why is it that sometimes it is easy to reach your wellness goals? But with your next goal? It might seem impossible to achieve the new level of fitness. You are still the same person so why did you manage to succeed last time and bitterly fail this time? Could it be that you were not “mentally tough” when you needed to be? Was your mindset to blame?

Let’s look at the influence of mental toughness has on your goal achievement! Dr. Jim Loehr is an internationally recognized performance psychologist and his book “Mental Toughness Training for Sports: Achieving Athletic Excellence” will bring clarity on wellness mastery. In his book, Dr. Loehr defines mental toughness, revealing that it is made up of the following 7 components:

• self-confidence
• attention control
• minimizing negative energy
• increasing positive energy
• maintaining motivation levels
• attitude control
• visual and imagery control

When you look at the list of those 7 important ingredients, you will recognize that controlling your energy is essential to accomplish any physical fitness goals. By controlling and directing your mental and physical energies, you are able to set a habitual course that improves your ability to achieve the physical goals you set.

Does your state of physical health rely mostly on mental toughness? One thing is sure: you need to consciously adopt a healthy lifestyle which over time becomes an unconscious habit in your life. Until the habit is formed you will need to manage and control your energy and motivation levels! And this can be pretty tough on some days, right?

Let’s see 2 examples: Mary and Ann are the same age, same height and weight. They both enjoy a healthy diet. But after work, Mary heads straight for the couch and the remote control. She watches her favorite shows staying up late. Next day she wakes up tired and low on energy and starts the process all over.

Ann practices yoga and goes to the gym at least twice a week. She makes sure that she drinks plenty of water throughout the day. After work she spends time with her family and goes to bed at a decent hour, and gets plenty of sleep. On her lunch break she goes for a walk outside her workplace and even takes office yoga once a week.

Who is going to be in better physical shape: Mary or Ann? Ann is going beyond the easy choice every day. She manages her energy and is working on creating new preferable habits. Her confidence level increases every day and her chance of a long-term success is pretty high.

It is obvious that mental toughness has to be present to some degree for you to reach your physical goals!

Can you just simply sit on your couch and think about the level of physical fitness you want to achieve? If only it was so easy, right? Without taking action nothing will change in your life! You have to adopt the healthy lifestyle, eat right, drink lots of water and get enough sleep. Plus you have to move, keep exercising, practicing yoga or any other physical activity you chose.

Would you like to create a new healthy habit? Take advantage corporate yoga classes offered at your workplace! No office yoga at your company yet? Let’s change this! Please call Michelle at 314-630-1677 so we can create the best on-site yoga program for you and your colleagues!



Increasing Productivity At Work

blogging-336375_640One of the many reasons companies decide to invest in on-site wellness services is to help their employees reach higher productivity levels. Higher productivity leads to more value creation – a very important factor in growth for any organization.

Here are the most important productivity killers in the office:
-constant interruptions
-lack of priorities
-low level of motivation.

Creating a company culture that values focus and concentration during the workday is essential. Putting up some boundaries around availability can be a challenge in a culture that still values constant availability during the workday and even outside of the usual work hours.

A never ending to do list without clear priorities is sad reality in most companies. It is easy to start a project, and another one, and still a new one…. What every organization needs is setting crystal clear priorities at all organization levels.

Listening to popular radio and TV shows gives us an impression that many employees are rapidly losing their motivation. This is such a sad development! We all need to believe in what we are doing or we turn into robots.

Is it possible to increase motivation at the workplace? The answer is a clear YES! Sharing the organization’s passionate WHY is crucial. Why is the company in business, what is the ultimate goal it has? Making money is a result of the company’s operations – not the ultimate why. Research shows that when employees know and identify with the passionate why of their employer, they give their best effort to make the company successful. Simon Sinek TED presentation gives an excellent explanation how this works in practice:

Does your organization offer corporate wellness programs? Not yet? At St. Louis Corporate Yoga we have easily customizable on-site yoga programs for companies in the St. Louis metro area. Our programs are flexible for smaller organizations as well as for big corporations.

We would be happy to share the benefits of a corporate yoga program and work with you to customize our program to fit your specific needs. All you need to do is call Michelle at 314-630-1677 or send a message directly through the box to the right.

Setting up an on-site yoga program does not have to take a lot of time, either. As soon as the financing of the program is approved, we will select the best yoga instructor for your company. All our yoga teachers go through our in-house yoga teacher training and certified through Yoga Alliance. We have been training yoga teachers for a decade. The best graduates have the opportunity to work with us in our local Clayton Yoga Studio plus with our corporate clients.

We also share the best practices to promote your new yoga program to your employees so it will be a success from the start. This is a win-win for everybody!