6 Ways Yoga Increases Your Self Confidence

rock-731140_640We all want to feel good about ourselves, don’t we? Confidence makes us feel better emotionally and mentally. Our behavior changes as a result and the quality of personal and professional relationships improves. No matter if we want to attract a new work opportunity or a new partner, feeling confident just makes all these endeavors so much easier.

Exercise generally and yoga practice specifically can be one of the best ways to boost your self-confidence. And of course let’s not forget about the great health benefits, either.

6 ways how yoga can boost your confidence

A better mood. How do you feel after a good yoga practice? Of course you feel much better emotionally and physically. A yoga workout will stimulate brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, which promote a general feeling of well-being. The results are a reduction in stress and anxiety. If you lack time to get to a yoga studio before or after work, do take advantage of on-site yoga classes!

Keeps the body in shape. Being is shape involves having a well-toned body and better posture – all aspects connected with self-confidence. When you feel good about yourself, it’s so much easier to make friends and create more professional connections. In return having a flourishing personal network will make you feel more confident.

More energy on demand. If you don’t have the energy to do things, then everything becomes a chore. That can lead to feeling bad about yourself. Regular exercise helps the whole body work more effectively. Instead of dreading chores you can decide to become responsible for your actions and results. And this small shift will make you feel better!

Sleep your way to feeling awesome. It is proven that sleep is necessary for feeling great every day. Getting enough sleep is also the cheapest way to look better. Just imagine preparing for an important meeting and looking in the mirror and seeing dark circles under bloodshot eyes – how confident will you feel? Having that spark in your eyes and spring in your steps will start you on the path of more success – who wouldn’t want that? A gently yoga practice helps you prepare your mind and body for sleep. And you can even practice near bedtime.

Getting clarity. One of the best ways to clear the mind is to exercise regularly. Yoga especially gives you a chance to wipe the slate clean and start from new. In the midst of confusion or having difficulty finding a solution for a problem you face? Get on the mat to find the space for thinking without boundaries and letting go of “the way it should be”. Often, what you thought was a major problem before starting your yoga practice might turn out to be an opportunity in disguise.

Improved focus. Exercising helps you develop the necessary skills to concentrate on the task in hand. Focusing on the most important tasks every day will lead to better results at the workplace and even in your private life. And all the praise you get will make you feel more confident.

Don’t wait to experience the benefits of yoga! Get started today! You can visit Clayton Yoga Studio for a nice class. Or even better yet, set up your on-site yoga program right at your workplace with the help of St. Louis Corporate Yoga. Just give us a call at 314-630-1677!


The Secret To Success?

norway-772991_640Persistence! We all instinctively know this: a big part of success is simply not giving up. Perseverance is continuing to walk down to the path of our dreams no matter what. Even if it feels hard or uncomfortable. Even if everybody questions your sanity on the way.

Sometime not giving up the hardest thing to do. We know days when staying is bed seems the only option. When you would rather curse your dream than risk another failure. When your comfort zone is singing its siren song to keep you in your assigned box: safe but unfulfilled.

Enjoy the inspiring selection of poems below if you feel your perseverance is wavering. Copy and print out these poems and keep them in your notebook or purse. Remember to keep on keeping on!

Don’t Quit!
by Anonymous

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest, if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about,
When he might have won had he stuck it out;
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow–
You may succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than,
It seems to a faint and faltering man,
Often the struggler has given up,
When he might have captured the victor’s cup,
And he learned too late when the night slipped down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out–
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far,
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit–
It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.


Keep on Keeping on
by Michael Sage

We’ve all had times, when the going gets tough
The smooth ride suddenly, feels bumpy and rough
The good times are gone, it’s all rather gruff
You let out a sigh and exclaim – “I’ve had enough”

We are all entitled at times, to gripe and to moan
What’s happened to my life, you say with a groan?
My backpack seems weighed down, by a very big stone
How do I move away, from this miserable zone?

When a curved ball hits you, through a trick or a con
Remember the good days, when the sun always shone
Go forward with the belief, that you already have won
The best advice I can give, is to keep on – keeping on


Did you know that persistence is also the basis of your yoga practice success? Our most successful corporate yoga students keep practicing consistently and not missing classes. We all need at least 12 weeks of consistent practice to reap the benefits yoga offers.

The best news is that you can start today! Call Michelle at 314-630-1677 to design the perfect corporate wellness program for your employees. Or just come to Clayton Yoga Studio and take a class. Till the end of this month we have an unlimited yoga class deal3 months of unlimited classes for $150 plus you get the month of December for free. Get the details at our studio site here.


Find the Courage to Shine at the Workplace

yoga classWe are more than physical beings getting caught up, we are metaphysical beings transcending our environment. Yoga helps us connect with our energy. We experience our life force energy– stronger, faster, and more powerful than any of our thought systems. From here, we access the courage necessary to be ourselves. Yoga postures wake up space in the body, clear out garbage in our tissues, allow the flowing of waters to move in and around, purifying our being and illuminating our light.

The Buddha’s teaching is one of empowerment. The balance and wellness of our planet depends on our own individual ability to be disciplined. Like two wings on a bird, we must be both: aware and equanimous. A lack of compassion or equanimity may produce bad feelings. For example, if we feel guilty for noticing our own frailties or weakness, then we become self-indulgent and reproduce more of the same. However, if we can see fear as frozen, engage a new neural pathway in our brain, we illicit greater compassion and then begin to thaw the ice.

We can redirect our attention to possibility of new growth, when we neutralize judgment and fear. Each one of us are unique, with different backgrounds, needing something that is particular to us. My friend Rampersad once said, we are each complicated beings, and may look for short cuts and project unfinished work onto others in hopes of finding something everlasting.

We are not born in perfect alignment and we came here to find that alignment, so the best we may hope for is to bring some guidance and support to the other. When we assist the other person in our workplace or our friendships or family life to be successful, then the universe will in turn help to facilitate our own growth and development.

The discipline of the practice is making the time every day to connect with a soft, gentle yielding peace which lends itself to finding an internal resource and empowered state. The old school of exercise tells us to keep pounding and pushing but the body never allows time to recover. Yoga gives us time to replenish and articulate the unique needs coming from the inside resulting in expanding the power within.

When we work with vitality and feeling great, there is no need to get caught in our negativity. We work with energy first, let go of the fear based model: emptiness, neediness, laziness and being an ostrich and instead turn our attention to soul. We let go of the desire to manipulate and control, and go with a dynamic, fluid, changing, sharing compassionate energy for real support.

St. Louis Corporate Yoga currently offers 11 weekly yoga classes throughout St. Louis. If you are interested or know someone who may enjoy a nice weekly yoga class during lunch or before work contact us for a free phone consultation today. To start a corporate yoga class at your business ask for Michelle Maue at 314-630-1677 or contact us at info@claytonyoga.com



Energy Dynamics In The Workplace

waterfall-335985_640From the moment we are born, gravity is working to compress, compact and tighten our cells and tissues. Overwhelming sensations can get trapped in the body, emitting a vibrational pull that will attract more of the same experience until we learn. If we don’t understand that this is just energy dynamics at work, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Yoga postures encourage us to stay with the sensations of discomfort. In a consumerist culture, we are lulled into thinking that distractions and quick fixes are the best solution. After some time, distraction and excessive consuming not only did work but also possibly heighten the challenges. Rather than taking more responsibility for our job, we are fired, we get seriously sick or a relationship breaks up.

When we breathe deeply, we understand that we are in relationship to everything else. Yoga practice helps us stay grounded and become more present. The understanding of how or when energy dynamics start and stop present themselves in the form of bodily sensations. Do you feel supported, grounded or nervous and anxious? When you feel animated, you are strong. When you are scattered, you lose momentum.

It is those moments that we have an opportunity to step back, not react and like the witness or scientist, stay calm. The more awake, the more aware, the more we can practice, engage soul and develop clarity.

Years ago, I used to be very uptight around budgeting. Finances, was just something I was never good with, after all look at how little my parents showed me, I told myself. My tipping point came when my daughter was about 3 ½ and I remember just never wanting her to see her mother worry about money or security like that again. I began taking action steps and reading all about finances. It took me several years, and it was a very slow, gradual steady amount.

When we feel empowered to take care of our self, to take greater self-responsibility, we will not be afraid of our shadow. We can then become more responsible for the management of our own energy, zoom out and not take our fears so personally or literally, we begin to really grow up.

Every time you make a stand for yourself, you will strengthen your vessel and you will allow an external or internal set of dynamics to control, manipulate or dictate your fears. Exceptional people will feel challenges and disappointments as a blessing which then inspires others to become victorious.

Yoga is a journey to go past the commercials, past our rational mind and listen from inside.

Rather than look outside for power, we want to teach ourselves how to breathe correctly, and reconnect to our life source. As we realign to spirit, we will be challenged and purified at the deepest level. The still and small place inside will gather courage and compassion, resolve the traumas in the tissues and know that wherever we are, it is with the highest peace.

We truly hope you have enjoyed reading this article on practicing energy dynamics. To pick up a yoga class in your workplace, give us a call at 314-630-1677.

Make Vacation Time Real Relaxation Time

beach-84533_640You have been waiting long for your vacation. Why do the first days always feel just like any other day of the year? Packing and traveling to your destination can be stressful.

Have you ever felt you only truly enjoy your vacation in the last few days? Feeling you lost so much time getting used to being on vacation that you missed out on all the fun and joy?

How to make every minute of your vacation count this year:

  1. Begin your vacation before you travel. Prepare mentally for your time away. Check out your destination on Google Maps. Read reports about your destination from fellow travelers on TripAdvisor.
  2. Get a realistic picture of your destination. Even the occasional negative review will help you a lot. At least you know what to prepare for. If you find a common theme in those evaluation of, say, medical and health supply items being overpriced or simply not available, you can bring your own.  Less frustration – more joy!
  3. Don’t overplan. What good does it do to be on vacation when all your days are planned minute by minute exactly like at home? Give yourself total free time. Free from “musts” and “shoulds”. Check out all available entertaining options if you want but restrain yourself from filling your every minute with sight-seeing trips, museum visits and other things travelers supposed to do at the travel location.
  4. If you have the chance, plan on having a day between work and vacation so you can pack without stress and take care of small chores before you hit the road.
  5. Give yourself 3 days to get used to your vacation location.  The different climate, food or customs will take some time to get used to. It is unrealistic to expect that you will feel totally at home the minute you arrive!
  6. Decrease your expectations. Most of the times we look at the vacation time to solve all our relationship issues. In fact, statistics say that families argue more than usual when away. Why? All the routine programming that makes life easier at home is gone. Plus they spend more time together in one day than in a week back home. So automatically there is a bigger chance of conflict.
  7. Gift yourself with time alone. Of course it is wonderful to spend so much time with your friends or family. Don’t forget about your own needs, though. Enjoy time alone at the beach, get up earlier for a morning run or book a massage session for yourself.
  8. Do nothing, just be. Give yourself the gift of a “Do nothing” day. Sleep as much you feel like, eat when you feel like, read a book in a day, jump into the pool, daydream…. Without checking the time once. Be in a flow of life, just be!
  9. Do some yoga if you feel like it. As inspiration, below is a yoga video Michelle made at her last Grenada yoga teacher training.

Wishing you the vacation of a lifetime!




CEOs Who Believe in Yoga

freeimage-3252307-webYoga’s acceptance in the workplace depends very much on how the management thinks about of this ancient practice.  If the CEO of a company has his/her experience practicing yoga and learned to appreciate its benefits, adding yoga to the corporate wellness offers is easy.

Why do CEOs love yoga?

We found 3 great articles about how yoga changed the perspective of leaders in different industries. Please enjoy the short excerpts and if you found them interesting, please go and read the whole articles.

Yoga has deeply influenced Stanton Kawer’s (CEO and chairman of Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide) life.

“I love business. I am passionate about growing companies. Still, I can share that since I started practicing more than two years ago, yoga has profoundly influenced my life in every aspect. It has redefined my sense of self. I have changed as a husband, father, friend and leader.”

“On a personal level yoga has been instructive in helping me redefine my expectations for achievement. Perhaps the most salient lesson I’ve learned is that there are no scorecards to define success. In the yoga studio there are no winners or losers. No umpires. No victory measured against the loss of another. In yoga success emanates from within and is defined by self-mastery.”

“Yoga allows me to carry both equanimity and enthusiasm through my days. Ultimately it has allowed me to be a more effective CEO by making me a happier, healthier and more mindful human being.”

Source: http://www.forbes.com/2011/03/25/yoga-meditation-better-ceo-leadership-managing-kawer.html

Mark Bertolini, chairman and CEO at Aetna had a very personal experience with the healing powers of yoga. After a serious skiing injury he embarked on a journey to heal his body from the damage caused.

His own experiences with nontraditional remedies lead him to start a study to understand the benefits of yoga and mindfulness at the workplace.

“To prove the effectiveness of these practices at work, Aetna collaborated with eMindful and the American Viniyoga Institute to craft a 12-week study, during which Aetna employees practiced alternative techniques to reduce stress as measured by cortisol levels and heart-rate variability.

“When employees are in the highest quintile of stress, their health care costs are $2,000 a year on average higher than the average employee,” he said. “We saw dramatic drops in stress after the program was over, and we saw a 69-minute gain in productivity of our employees over a year,” he added.

The increased productivity along with reduced health-care costs and lowered employee stress yielded an 11-to-1 return on the program’s investments, Bertolini said, which added up to a savings of about $3,000 per employees per year.

“The other part that we couldn’t measure that I think is far more important is being present in the work environment, and by being present making better decisions for the organization and those decisions depending on where you are in the company take a longer time to have an impact, and we’ll see that over time” he added.

Following the study’s success, Aetna has opened up its stress-management programs to the insurance company’s customers and their employees.

Source: http://www.cnbc.com/id/100569740

Mark Hughes (CEO of C3 Metrics) shares about his experience with practicing yoga and the 3 principles he learned in the process:

“…I was beginning a journey learning more about myself and, surprisingly, more about business than I learned at one of the top ten business schools in the country and 20 years of professional experience.

Here are three things I learned:

1). Embrace Fear to Overcome Fear

“The headstand.  It’s a pose in yoga that few novices relish.  But I envisioned it in my mind, embraced the fear of falling as real, the fear of injury as real, but temporary, and thus overcame that fear.

And with many other poses in yoga, the fear of falling, the fear of making your failure widely known in front of many people is entirely real.  But embracing that fear enables regular people to overcome great adversity in business.  It enabled Richard Branson to create a billion dollar enterprise from a basement.  It enabled Howard Schultz to go from subsidized housing to creating Starbucks.  Achieve power through fear and adversity by embracing it.”

2). Transitions Make or Break You

The tough part is transitioning from one position to that position; that is what makes or breaks you.

Again, this is true in business and in life.  Doing what you’ve been doing isn’t hard.  Transitioning from one position to the next is where failure abounds.

It’s this transition that’s a lot like business. Transitions require planning and execution with intense focus.

If you’re paying attention, planning is the easiest part.  Transitioning from planning to execution is where things make or break you.  Without intense focus, you could slip and lose sight of the end goal.

3). Soul Needs Training

The whole “Namaste” “Ooohhm” aspect of yoga freaked me out.  What I’ve learned, though, is the complete yogi – and the complete CEO – are about positive energy.

Namaste is simply a phrase meaning “the light in me honors the light in you.”  Whether you’re Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, or Hindi, when you examine the phrase Namaste, it’s really about energy.

Like nuclear power, it’s energy that can be used for good or bad.  The amount of positive energy you bring to your office, your call, your meeting, is felt.  This is embodied in your body language, your smile, your gratitude, and gestures like opening a door and saying hi.  When a baby smiles at you, you smile too.  There is no complication in that exchange.  The amount of energy and light you bring reflects on people.  And sometimes that soul energy requires training.

Source: http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/3-things-a-ceo-learned-a-yoga-manifesto/

What is your experience with corporate yoga? What do you learn during your practice that you will be able to use during your workdays? please feel free to share below in the Comments section! We would love to hear from you!
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Sleep For More Productivity

pillow-59994_640Want to become more productive in your job? There is a surprising answer to this question: sleep more and you will get more done on a daily basis – no matter what you do for a living!

Do you have a mile long to-do list that is getting longer every day? Do you feel like there is never enough time to get at least a few projects done? Do you begin new projects without finishing old ones? Could you just scream when you think about all the stuff that needs to get done in a short time? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you know so well the stress this causes in your life.

The easiest way to handle the never ending to-dos in your job might be to work some more instead of taking some time off for recreation. You might take work home or spend more time in the office.

How do you fit all this extra work into your day? You might think about sleeping a few hours less, burning the midnight oil to get at least the most important stuff done. Unfortunately you will pay a high price if you sacrifice sleep.

Sleep is precious! Your body needs sleep to process the information flow you get throughout the day. This is the way it was constructed. Now we might try to test the limits of our systems…. But what price do we have to pay for this little experiment?

I am sure you know the feeling of fog spreading in your mind after a sleepless or short night. The ability to think clearly weakens and you feel you need to think twice to understand simple things and taking action is just a dread. Remembering things you want to get done becomes a chore and creating creative solutions is just out of question. You function but at base level at best. Now try to get productive in this foggy brain state… what are the chances of succeeding? Zero!

And no matter how we try defy the natural law of getting enough sleep, the reality is we cannot.

Protect your sleep no matter what! You need to get between 6-8 hours of sleep per night. How much sleep you need exactly is very personal. Some people thrive on 6 hours, some other need their 8 hours of zzzzzzzz….

In order to find out your natural sleep demands, lead a sleep diary for a few weeks. Note when you go to bed and how long you sleep. Also note your sleep quality. A few words or giving a note is sufficient (1 for a terrible night to 4 for an excellent night of sleep for example).

Plan for at least 7 hours of sleep per night. If you consistently wake up earlier than the 7 hours are up – this is an indication that you might need less sleep. If you cannot wake up without an alarm clock, you need to experiment with sleeping 8 hours or more.

One of a great indication if you got enough sleep is the fact that you wake up without an alarm clock feeling refreshed and ready to begin a new day full of energy.

Practicing yoga will add relaxation to your days and with a more relaxed brain you will get more done than you thought possible!



You Need To Stop

stop-37020_640If your company is caring enough to organize and invest in corporate yoga programs, make sure you make the most of those classes! We gathered a few behaviors you need to STOP doing during your on-site yoga class to benefit the most.

Stop the comparisons

It is very attempting to check out how your colleagues are doing during class. We all do it from time to time, don’t we? It is OK to peak once in a while… but don’t waste much time and energy on this.

Pay attention to your body instead. Our bodies always try to communicate with us well ahead of time that an illness manifests in symptoms. We just don’t have time and patience to listen. A class can give you this precious opportunity so focus on yourself!

In yoga we are all on our own path. What another student does is not relevant. Judgment or criticism have absolutely no place in a yoga class.

Stop the hard work

Practicing yoga is supposed to be fun. Lighten up a bit, this is no performance sport! You are doing awesome if you make it to the class, practice focused on yourself and enjoy this special hour of the day. Keep your expectations realistic. One class will change your state for some time but will not be able to remedy all your troubles. The longer you practice, the more beneficial changes you will notice in your life.

Stop pushing through the pain

If something hurts, stop. If you feel slight discomfort doing a pose, you might try it again after waiting a few seconds. If you feel pain, stop and ask your instructor how to proceed. She might have a modification that fits your body better or can show you a different pose that will deliver similar benefits to the original. You are taking a yoga class to relax and nurture yourself not to suffer.

Stop the thought carousel

All the problems, the worries, the questions from your work and private life might scream for attention when you finally take some time off your schedule. Why? It is easy to hush away those worries when you have 100 things on your to-do list.

Yoga class might be the only 60 minutes in a week when you have a single focus: you are doing yoga so it is impossible to call somebody while reading email and trying to put some files away. Of course problems and life’s big questions will try to take over this sacred time! If this happens, focus on your breath again and again. This can be a challenge, we know. Please try again… and again…and again.

Stop being late or leaving early

Arriving too late or leaving minutes before a class finishes is not very considerate to your fellow yogis. We know that it is sometimes not easy to get away from your desk! And there might be very good reasons for leaving the class early. But please do not make a habit of this behavior!

It disturbs the flow of the class for all participants. And it also kills the whole purpose of you taking these classes. Make a commitment to respect yourself and your fellow yogis!

Can’t wait to meet you in a corporate yoga class very soon!



Office Yoga Poses of the Month – Shoulder Openers

healthy backWe understand it is not always possible to get to your yoga class with more and more work piled up on the desk.  That is why we bring to you our monthly blogpost with easy to follow in the office or at home stretches.

This month, we wish to feature shoulder openers.  All of us carry a great deal of tension in our upper back, shoulders and even arms.

Practicing shoulder openers will diminish tension headaches, fatigue and provide the brain with a much needed boost of oxygen.  This will then help release tension converting it back into its natural state or vitality.  With new energy, you will be able to tackle new projects and have more creative ideas.


1) Right now in your chair, bring your hands interlaced and above your head.  Take 8-10 breaths and feel that stretch through your thorasic and upper back muscles.

2) For the second pose, bring one hand around the opposite elbow and pull that over the crown of the head, stretching the tricep muscles of the arm.  Again, hold the posture for 8-10 breaths.  Change sides.

3) For the third and best yoga pose in the office place, stand next to the office chair and interlace your hands behind you.  Stretch downward through the arms and the hands.  Keep rolling open the collarbones and feel the top of the chest open, the key is to soften the rib cage down and back and feel the top of your chest opening like ‘Superman’ with the collarbones smiling big and bright.

4) From a seated position, lift the arms out to the sides and above the head, palms touching.  Exhale slowly to the count of 5 and bring the arms back down.

Some other suggestions for inviting yourself to practice include an at home practice too.  Create a sacred part of your house where it is solely dedicated to quiet time. Quiet the distractions and light soft candles, or tea lights throughout your home.  Play soft music, and clear away any clutter.

Navigating our way back to compassion and spirit requires us to stay grounded. Yoga is a system of tools designed to bring our fragmented selves back into wholeness and balance.

The interesting thing about being grounded, is that your empathy and team building skills go through the roof.

The most important step in yoga is to try.  If you do not practice, you will not receive benefits.  Secondly, give yourself space to be gentle and learn from the different postures and techniques.  Every single yogi begins their practice with resistance and tension in the body.  Be gentle as you bump up against your edges.

Your company doesn’t have yet a corporate yoga program? Let us help you create a unique program for you! Please call us at 314-630-1677.


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How About One to One Yoga Private For Top Executives?

vinyasa yogaDid you know that St. Louis Corporate Yoga in addition to offering 11 weekly corporate yoga on-site classes also offers fantastic one on one yoga instruction to top level corporate executives and company team managers?

Our yoga on-site privates are very affordable and take place within the setting of your company.  The total cost includes sales tax, driving time and all handouts and is offered as a bonus package for companies that are promoting St. Louis Corporate Yoga classes at their workplace.

There are times when a company president or manager would prefer to practice outside the company of their work colleagues. Yoga postures are designed to open the meridians or energy centers, to help students to play their edge, wake up life force power, and feel empowered, calm and more peaceful throughout the day.

One to one personal yoga consultations offer a great way to work out and improve one’s nutritional and wellness lifestyle.  Every week, we bring handouts and yoga sequences designed specifically for your body type and what your workout routine needs.  For personal training and yoga combined, the price is also very affordable.  St. Louis Corporate Yoga enjoys adding these bonus features to our already highly successful and very popular onsite yoga programs.

Typically, our yoga sessions run for 45-60 minutes.  This gives special clients the opportunity to ask questions to better help tailor their practice to meet their own individual needs and provide them with optimal support and encouragement. Then we offer a variety of modifications and adjustments to learning challenging and advanced postures.  Working one to one is an excellent idea and no matter where the client begins, we often see tremendous results happen quickly.

Greg Christoffel, a long time corporate private one to one client with St. Louis Corporate Yoga says “Yoga is difficult.  Needing time and support to better understand it all, yoga privates have given me the confidence and motivation to take better care of my unique body needs, inspire an ongoing diet that works great, improve my overall sleep, and let myself receive uplifting resources, yoga music, sequences to feel great.”

We supply specific take home sequences designed to address specific needs of the client such as too much anxiety, depression or fatigue.  Many times, in a one to one session, the client is able to open up more quickly and learn about their own particular body.

Clients feel most comfortable to ask many types of questions and will receive answers directly related to their next step or level. This informal environment offers maximum guidance and support and great tips to encourage an at home and office practice to enjoy yoga throughout the week and encourage individuals who are beginners, and not wanting the burden of having other work colleagues distract them.

To book your private one to one yoga appointment, please contact Michelle at 314-630-1677 or go to our email at info@claytonyoga.com!  Let us help create a unique private yoga class that will support you in your personal empowerment to relieve stress and feel great today!