Workplace Stress

floral-865823_640We got to the point that stress is a constant factor in our lives. Stress is particularly high in the workplace. Instead of constant suffering from the impact of stress why don’t you try to find ways to reduce your stress and enjoy your work life? Do you think this is impossible?

Here are a few easy tips to help you with stress reduction!

Create your day. It is so easy to get caught up in the negative atmosphere in a workplace. That is why it is paramount that you decide to create the experience you want to have. Resolve each morning that you will focus on the positive and not indulge in gossip or any other activity that brings down the morale at the office. Focus on the best and strengthen the good you find in your work and in your company!

How can you create your day? It is best done the day before:

  • Plan ahead of time so you know what to focus on the next day!
  • Decide how you want to feel when you wake up tomorrow morning.
  • Prepare your dress, your breakfast in advance for an easy start tomorrow. Pack a healthy snack or even a lunch so you never stress about eating something healthy.
  • Take at least a minute (or more if you possibly can) and create an image of tomorrow: how you feel, what you get done, etc.
  • Remember to breathe! Take a relaxing, deep breath whenever you notice stress inching its way into your life.

Give yourself plenty of rest. Sleeping between seven and eight hours a night gives the body time to repair you. Lack of sleep causes jitters, lack of concentration, irritability, and health problems. How can you get more sleep? Decide how much time you want to spend with media consume. Nowadays it is our media consumption that cuts back on our sleep time. you are just a decision away from having more relaxation time and getting to bed earlier! Don’t forget about social media, that counts as media consumption, too!

Leave early for more Zen. Traffic jams, accidents, car problems, kids waking up late and noticing a run on your stockings… and stress is programmed in the first hours of your day. Build in time for error, especially if you stress out easily. General rule of thumb: plan twice as much time as you think something will take. So if you believe your commute will take 30 minutes tomorrow morning, try to hit the road an extra 30 minutes earlier. What if you arrive 20 minutes earlier at your office? Enjoy the sanest 20 minutes of the work day! Can you imagine how much focused preparation and planning you could get done with minimal distractions before everybody else arrives totally stressed from the daily commute to work?

If you take action on just one of the tips you just read, you will experience a reduction of pressure. Don’t just read these tips! Pick one and put it into practice right away! And please share your experience below in the Comment section.