We Really Are What We Eat. Try These Nutritious Food Ideas for 2014!

sylvester-143092_640This time of the year, it is especially exciting to think about taking supreme care of our bodiesDid you know that one of the main reasons for our growing popularity of onsite yoga wellness classes is the additional support and tips we offer our clients to help them make better lifestyle changes? Our corporate yoga wellness onsite program include interesting research on many subjects including better nutritional support for your body.

Take a look below at this sample blogpost and discover new tips for an even healthier you! Here are Five Great Nutritional Tips to get us on the right road to great health.


Portion Control.  Avoid large dinners.  After a long, hard day at the office, it is so very tempting to sit and have a big delicious meal.  The problem is that your body will go to sleep soon and convert nutrition to fat.  If possible, try to slow down in the middle of your workday and have a nice lunch.  It will keep you from craving an enormous dinner. Whether you prefer small breakfasts or large dinners, it really does not matter nearly as much as the size of your meal.  Eating small portions allow the food enzymes to get to work and help you to conserve that much needed energy throughout the day!


Enjoy your healthy fats.  We have been taught by many big money companies that the key to staying fit in today’s world is a having a fat free diet.  Ingesting chemicals that do not belong in the body instead of enjoying natural healthy selection of fats is never a good idea.  On a daily basis, enjoy olive oil, avocado, nuts, and other wonderful foods from nature.


Diversity or mix up your diet. Eat crisp, fresh, diverse colors, like dark green vegetables, spinach, broccoli or edamame.  Also radishes, celery, onions and try sprouts on your plate.  Generally the less you cook your food, the more colorful, different and fresh will be the outcome.  Try new, colorful and different types of vegetables and for new and added increase of energy, try some sprouts too.


Choose Sprouted Breads.  You may or may not be allergic to gluten.  Many people in today’s world do not agree with flour.  Flour of any kind is like glue in the body.  Great for hanging art on the wall, but not so wonderful for your digestion.  If you do eat flour, look at the ingredients and make sure you have whole wheat for the ingredient, not wheat flour.  If you have snack bars, make sure the ingredient is whole grain.  When the digestive system is slowed down by too much flour, bacteria start to take over causing you to re-absorb toxins meant for elimination.  Reestablish your internal nutritional system by adding wheat bran and looking at your ingredients to make sure it says, whole grain rice, whole grain oats, or whole wheat flour.


Keep your food fresh. Our bodies thrive on an alkaline diet.  And our body naturally heals itself of illnesses when we eat fresher and we use less energy to digest the food.  Processed or long shelf times produce higher acidity levels in the blood.  Food with hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup are to be avoided completely.  These ingredients contain sugar that is manufactured in a building, not grown in nature.  This type of sugar enters the bloodstream before the body has a chance to process it.  The best solution is use honey, or stevia.  Stevia is a natural, pure sweetener that comes from the stevia plan and tastes great!

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