Why Does Yoga Give Us So Much Energy?

splashing-275950_640One of the most fundamental tools to great yoga and a healthy body is the yogic breath.  Learning how to breathe the yoga breath is surprisingly easy.  What is difficult is to keep going.  This style of breathing will bring incredible levels of energy and vitality to your day.  Higher levels of energy boost your mood and ignite creativity.  When we are inspired spiritually speaking, contribute new insights and become a better team player.

In essence, the yogic breath has profound mind-body-spirit benefits.  Our body is built on a network of wiring called the central nervous system. This system is made of a balance between two important and different functions called the sympathetic and parasympathetic. When we breathe from the belly, we initiate the well-being aspect of our physiology.  Even sitting at our computer or desk, we can practice this yoga breath. Deep, calm, regular breathing mirrors feelings of safety, support and that the world is safe.

The Buddha once said, I live in two worlds, that of being and doing.  What he meant was that he was able to accomplish everyday tasks, doing with staying present and calm.

Using our primary muscles of breathing, we inhale, expanding the abdomen, allowing the diaphragm to release, the lung tissue to expand and the deep, rich oxygenated breaths to flow. When we stay connected to our breath, we let life unfold without attaching to results. We circulate the body with life force energy and wire our brain to stay calm, confident and centered right in the center of change.

Yoga also works great for the overall toning and conditioning of the system because it stretches and releases tension in some of the deepest and tightest areas of the body.  Shoulder and hip opening postures place tensile pressure on key areas which then help us to unlock anxiety, fear, stress, tension and transform this into vitality, support and feeling good.

When we use our body’s own natural resistance, and hold weight bearing postures for long periods of time, we increase the level of synovial fluid and hydrolauranic acids located in the connective tissues throughout the body.  These vital life force energies bring tremendous stamina and strength both to the mind and body and help promote healing, health and balance to the system.

Postures taught by St. Louis Corporate Yoga are both safe as well as challenging.  Students learn proper alignment techniques as well as important anatomy tips to help break apart difficult postures and learn how to build one’s practice.

Vinyasa Yoga or literally “moving with breath” is one of the safest, healthiest and beneficial exercises available today.  All corporate yoga classes are open to any student, level, background, or ability. Clayton Yoga corporate teachers have been described as warm, friendly, helpful, intelligent and articulate.

Practicing yoga has helped many people find tremendous peace, gratitude and joy.  Let St. Louis Corporate Yoga help you design a yoga program that uniquely fits your company’s individual needs today!  For a private free consultation about how to get corporate onsite yoga started in your workplace, please contact, Clayton Yoga, at 314-630-1677.  Namaste!