Yoga in the Workplace Produces Stronger Bonds

When challenge surrounds you, and time pressures feel overwhelming, that is the time to keep your cool.  Have you ever noticed the complainers at your workplace, are the ones who usually have the least amount of responsibility?

Before I began my yoga practice 15 years ago, I too, was very judgmental and hard on myself.  I suffered from the disorder called perfectionism and many people today, not just woman, or those who are experiencing a setback, also feel this imminent pressure around them especially at work.

I would now clearly argue that the pressure is a great step toward a new future opening or opportunity.

In our yoga postures, we are all taught to play the edge.  When we push against our resistance and breathe, we learn to remain calm.  Our body’s own nervous system becomes rewired to withstand even greater pressure.  Staying calm, we provide the body with the opportunity to strengthen our central nervous system.  Have you ever noticed when you feel depressed or down, you are more susceptible to getting sick?

Many research findings are proving now that the mind and body are not disconnected but are indeed the same.  A healthy mind cannot be separated from a healthy body! 

Here is a short corporate yoga video to enjoy sampling a yoga class with Clayton Yoga.

Regular yoga practice at work can be a great way to relieve stress, build up one’s immunity system but even more importantly find new creative ways to collaborate and work better with people.  When people take yoga classes together, they build better avenues of communication and trust between one another and even have fun.

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