Yoga = Natural High Energy = Positive Successful Life Results

3295083_sYogi’s have known for a long time that our energy levels can facilitiate enlightenment.  We have the ability to boost our own levels of energy.  The key to increasing our energy is to focus on the inside in a loving and positive manner.  Each of us according to the Tibetans is a piece of the divine energy.

Ways to increase our energy are:

  • Daily exercise
  • Eating alkaline-non-processed, non-dairy foods
  • Breathing deeply increasing oxygen rich blood back to our cells
  • Sleeping well consistently
  • Focusing on Gratitude and counting those blessings throughout the day
  • Develop wisdom that our weakness can often become our greatest ally
  • Letting go of judgment and remembering to value our intuition
  • Writing in a Journal
  • Making time for a Friend
  • Pray every morning you wake up

In everyday life, with all modern day complexities and lack of time, it is difficult to remain true to one’s own inner heart.  Yoga trains the mind through stretching to dig deeper, to look on the inside, and find hidden treasures.  Moments that we feel deep inner stillness can offer profound awakenings.  We discover that although there are weaknesses or cravings, we can notice and not take the bait.  Just like an underwater sea diver looking for beautiful coral at the bottom of the ocean, our soul is also searching to develop and heal.

The Buddha taught us that all life is change, temporal and fleeting.  When we attach to outcome and cling, we suffer.  When we let go, and let good, we allow life back in and we become luminous like a star in the night time sky. And in the words of Saint Francis d’ Assisi I wish to seek not so much to be understood, as to understand.

The Shinto Buddists do not meditate as much as they emphasize gratitude.  Through one’s awareness, we come to understand we are never alone, that everything is interdependent.  At my new corporate workplace, because of the constant efforts of my employer, the students who sign up, the room coordinator and the cleaning lady, we are able to enjoy a great yoga class.

Being a professional tennis player taught me that having things in itself is an empty experience.  More important than things, is being able to feel confident in one’s inner nature, to have a gift, to share, to inspire, and motivate pioneering new ways of living peacefully and collectively on this planet.  Now that is one great yoga pose.   Being  willingness to listen and grow from another, have an open mind and a courageous heart all these qualities keeps us energized and young.

Having too many struggles with people, lawsuits, adversity, and bad energy is extremely taxing to our energy body.  Prolonged tension can lead to energy depletion, a cranky mood, and irritability with our friends or much worse, dis-ease in the body.

In order to make the jump into a new paradigm, the desire must come from within.  If we are filling our holes or insecurity with a ‘quick fix’, that won’t do.   Before we embark upon the change for self-improvement, we must get clear as to why we wish to change.

Are we motivated by joy or by guilt?  Our deeper reasons for action provide us with how we shape our tomorrow.  Use your breath every day, witness your energy levels when they lower, and do not panic.  You newfound muscle of awareness will provide you with objectivity, neutrality and great inner strength.  Once you can bow to your inner critic, your tapestry of love will expand into the light and finding deeper meaning and purpose in life again…


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