Your Memory –An Important Asset

adult-18792_640Having a good memory is an asset to every part of your life – and your career, too! Are you able to remember everything you want? This can be a challenge – not surprising given the times we live in.
Information overload is our reality at home and at the office. The good news is: you don’t have to remember everything just the most meaningful and important things.

The tips below will give you information on how to boost your memory.

Yoga and Exercise

Getting regular exercise can also improve your memory! Exercise isn’t just good for your body, it’s also excellent for your brain. Exercise increases the oxygenation level in your brain. Plus it can be beneficial to the chemical balance in the brain.

Practicing yoga is an outstanding method to help your brain manage information overload. Those relaxed 50-60 minutes you spend on the yoga mat give your brain cells to chance to process information. Hopefully you have a chance to practice yoga during the workday as part of an on-site wellness program!

Get Enough Good Sleep

Sleep is critical in letting out bodies recover and regenerate from the day before. Without enough sleep the brain can become compromised. Forgetfulness and memory lapses? This is what happens when we are sleep deprived. Research has shown that during the deepest parts of our sleep cycle, memory consolidation occurs. Without proper sleep, you can be sure that your memory will be negatively affected.

Try to get enough sleep every night! What is enough for you? You need to find this out as everybody has slightly different needs. Some people are happy with sleeping only 6 hours per night. Some others need their 8 hours. What is your number?

Laugh and Have Fun

Laughter is a blessing for your brain! When you laugh, you brain is engaging several areas at once, and giving you a good mental work out. Laughing helps you to think more broadly and improve your free associations aka creative thinking.

Laugh often! Funny movies, the latest jokes or even laughing at yourself and you will be helping your overall mental health! For more inspiration read our article “Laugh Stress Away “.
Spend time with people who make you laugh. Stick around these people and you will feel happier and have more fun for sure.

Manage Stress

Those senior moments? When you are stressed, you can become forgetful. Stress can actually damage the part of your brain – the hippocampus – which helps in recalling old memories and creating new ones.

Spend time each day using stress reduction techniques including meditation, deep breathing exercises, listening to relaxing music or anything that calms your mind and body.

Train Your Brain

Give your brain a workout to improve your memory skills by doing crosswords, brain teasers, word searches, and logic puzzles. There are plenty of free resources online to keep your mind active on a daily basis. Here are 2 resources we recommend: – a selection of fun and enlightening brain teasers for adults of any age. – addictive games for challenging your brain!